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Eyebrows. All of us have got addicted to them a little. This alone is a dependence about which we refuse to feel guilty. Because of all the power of brows. Faces, eye-catches. Good brows are the same as a great day.

But occasionally things can get out of hand, like most obsessions. The seams with every powder, pomade and gel are popping in our brown kits to get them up to par every day. This is why feathering with the eyebrow is so exciting. Half-life eyes sound like a good deal to us and a big gain for our early morning routines.

What's eyebrow feathering?

Eyebrow feathering is a cosmetic technique that employs a specific blade to produce the look of individual hair to fill sparse brows. Also known as microfeathering, feather touch brows and feather tattoo eyebrows. Do not be concerned, it is not as frightening as it sounds: the minute cuts are only as deep as the epidermal layers (i.e the top skin layer). A colouring is put across the top and absorbs the incisions. The outcome is half-life-free, semi-soft brows with a natural look. And who isn't going to be up for it?!

How does microblading vary from microfeathering?

Microblading and microfeathering is extremely similar, but the distinction resides in their original brows status and in their final effect. Microblading eyebrows is ideal for thin and/or overpressed brows and helps to make them more fully sculptured and clean arcs. Microfeathering is based on the natural form of the brow and concentrates on “drawing” fine hair strokes to fill gaps for a fluffier, natural effect. You need to have great brows to start with feathered brows as the aim is simply to improve your existing shape – not too much to change it.

Is that hurt?

Not if your area is stunned by a strong anaesthetic. The sounds of a blade scraping against your flesh are the only discomfort you may feel.

The request process

You should strive and grow your brows as much as possible before your first eyebrow feathering appointment with Ailis Beauty Lab. Try six weeks without reaching your pinchers – the more you work with your brow technician, the better your results.

The therapy will begin with a cream app, and your brow artist will select which colour matches perfectly for the colour that will be utilised, after the appointment. The incisions are made and the dye drawn on within the next two hours. Perfection you can't haste!


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