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The use of Plough in agriculture is like giving the soil a great transformation earlier than planting plants. Imagine the soil as a warm mattress for flowers, and ploughing is like hashing up the pillows and turning the sheets. It’s an old-age method where farmers use a plough, a tool generally pulled by using a tractor, to dig into the ground. The plough has a special activity – it turns over the soil, making it fertile and equipped for seeds. 

Well, this is important as it facilitates the mixing of vitamins. We can let air get to the roots and also cover up old parts of the plant so they do not gain the nutrients of new upgrowing plants. Different types of ploughs exist in agriculture, each with its own advantages. Some turn the soil smartly like a pancake, whilst others mix it like a giant spoon in a pot. Farmers pick out the ploughing style based totally on the kind of soil they have and what they need to grow. 

Ploughing of soil isn’t just about getting the soil prepared; plants get proper nutrients from the soil. It makes the soil soak up water properly, facilitates crops and proper vitamins, and fights unwanted pests and diseases. Even with advanced tools and machines nowadays, ploughing leaves a shin in the first step in ensuring the land is ideal for growing crops.


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