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What is Saturn Return

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Have you ever heard of the term Saturn Return? We will talk about it today and what it is. Saturn is a planet significant in astrology and related to karma. This planet serves as a karmic planet and teacher, which provides the effects of one's karma during his lifetime.


The bad or good effects of Saturn depend on your karma. Sometimes Saturn is a boon provider and sometimes a strict teacher; it depends on its position. It will test you, but it will indeed transform you by the end, and its teachings will make you a better person in and out.


When Does Saturn Return Happen?


Saturn returns the event of Saturn returning to the same point where it was at your birth. It happens every 27 to 29 years, and major changes happen in your life when it happens. These changes can be related to your job, breakup, marriage, divorce, big purchases, etc.


This is not a bad thing; Saturn is a teacher, and it tells you to take better control of your life and put yourself together. Hence things that happen during this return are for your soul's progress and improvement.


How To Figure Your Saturn Return?


One can figure it out if they have their birth chart. Suppose if you were born around 1991 to 1994, this is your time of Saturn Return, and you are experiencing it right now.


If you were born around 1988 to 1991 when Saturn was in Capricorn, your Saturn Return was from 2017 to 2020. For those born from 1993 to 1996, Saturn Return will begin in 2023.


Those who do not have their birth chart can use the online Saturn Return calculator. Here you need to put your date of birth have your results. Some calculators need more details like date of time and location as well. These calculators provide you with the results as per the exact degree of Saturn.


Saturn Return Teachings


When Saturn returns to its position, it means you are beings schooled. Saturn will look at your present state and determine if some cycle needs to be broken. This ensures that you are on the right path instead of being a rut.


These changes can be related to your job. If you were till now living paycheck to paycheck, Saturn would help you build something more stable. Saturn would get you out of it if you were in a toxic relationship. All these changes ensure your growth, and hence they will not be easy.


You will go through the pain and may get depressed, but in the end, you will understand that it all happened for a reason. However, if you are already in the right job and have a perfect relationship, Saturn Return goes on happily.


With Saturn in position, you can't fight back. It is next to impossible to leave a habit, but it is essential if it doesn't do any good. Saturn inspects your situation and brings necessary changes accordingly. It is foolish to resist these changes; the more you resist, the more pain there. Understand that everything happens for a reason, so even if you lose your only source of income, it is time to level up in your career and enter a better position with a better income.


The Second And Third Saturn Return


As we mentioned, Saturn Return happens every 27 years. This means that once it happens in your close 30s, it will happen again in your 50s. After that, a third Saturn might also occur, around your 80s. This way, Saturn confirms if your soul is on the right path and making progress.


The fourth Saturn also happens, but it is scarce since it happens around 114. Human beings do not live up to that age, so it is rare. The second Saturn Return is important because, during this phase, you reap the fruit of the efforts you put in till now.


This is when people plan for retirement, purchase property, inspect their assets, and perform other important things. This is also when people decide to take a club membership and enjoy the golf course. Saturn helps the people with this arrangement and makes it more efficient by extracting the unnecessary and implementing the necessary teachings.


Those who are lucky to witness the 80s also have a third Saturn. This is the Saturn of old age, where you enjoy your life playing with your grandbabies, pets and take pride in your wisdom. 


You don't have to be intimidated by Saturn Return but celebrate its presence. Behind the hard experiences, Saturn's blessings and lessons help you progress on a soul level. It provides you with the teachings that are meant for this lifetime.




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