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What Is SEM? A Guide to Paid Search Engine Marketing

Over the last five years paid marketing in digital marketing or Search Engine Marketing have seen a great boom in India, therefore today it’s very competitive when it comes to several keywords specially end user businesses. Companies are even spending more than 5K a day to get potential leads and run a sustainable business. But what is the outcome? Well, SEM is giving greater outcomes and now they can bank on it. Hence, learning SEM can benefit your career a great way now with digital marketing courses in Bangalore, as you acquire a new skill. 

What is SEM or Search Engine Marketing? 

SEM is one of the best practices following which you can execute successful paid search marketing strategies, and campaigns. In Search Engine Marketing we use strategies to increase search visibility, traffic, leads, bring awareness etc.

Previously it was also known as paid search. But now, it almost always refers only to pay search marketing.

Taking the help of SEM, brands pay for ads to appear as search results on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

The procedure is to target selected keywords so that when a user searches for those terms, they see an ad from the brand and get triggered to click. Here the fun fact is the brand is charged only if a user clicks on the ad. Or else they are not getting charged for anything. Learning SEM from digital marketing training institute in Bangalore will give you a better idea. 


SERP is Search Engine Result Page. 

When you search something in Google and you get a new page opened with many different results of websites, portals and forums is called SERP.

Today the paid search ads can be found on almost any search results page. 

These paid placements are typically located at the top and bottom of the page. 

To know what are the paid ads – Such ads include an “Ad” designation to let users know that it is a paid placement.

SEM JOBS in Bangalore

For SEM there are dedicated professionals under digital marketing called SEM specialist, or SEM Expert. Also they are called as Google ads expert, Paid Campaign Manager, Bing Ads Expert, Adwords Specialist etc. 

The work of all the designations above is same. 

Today there are many jobs in Bangalore for SEM specialist. Likewise digital marketing, you also have to learn SEM. Doing digital marketing courses in Bangalore with placement and let you secure one of such job and get you a handsome salary per month. 

  • Google Ads is the most widely used SEM platform. Billions of Google searches are performed a day, so it can help you get in front of the largest online audience.

  • Bing Ads claims to connect with 3 million searchers that Google can’t reach. By serving ads on partner sites such as Yahoo and MSN, Bing Ads help you connect with searchers who aren’t exclusively using Google for search.

Learn digital marketing courses in Bangalore today to become an SEM Expert.

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