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What Is Service Marketing And What Are Its Features?

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Marketers use the term “service marketing” to describe the practice of promoting and selling an intangible good or service to a certain demographic. An innovative sort of marketing for service industry has grown significantly in helping firms promote services worldwide. Service Marketing reflects how a sort of service is advertised in the market.

In contrast to Product Marketing, which entails a physically visible product being pushed across various media, service marketing calls for advertising a service that is not physically present but is sold out to the customers. Additionally, using digital catalogs for service marketing provides various advantages, including simple consumer access and budget savings for the vendor, as print expenditures are unnecessary. Activities, advantages, facilities, and services are a commodity for clients who choose various services. An example of service marketing is when a family comes to a restaurant; they benefit from the services (eating) while they are in the restaurant. The global sphere has finally grown as a service hub, giving different services to clients who are present globally.

Marketing Services: Key Attributes

Marketing as a service is a more recent development than marketing in general. While the preceding section served as an introduction, this section will highlight some distinguishing features of service marketing that will aid in your comprehension of the field.

  • Intangible Performance

 More subjective metrics often judge the success of a business providing a service. Unlike consumable goods, benefits are experienced rather than owned. Despite its intangible nature, the general public also uses it. Products can be seen and touched, but services are more abstract and challenging to define. Here, marketers must adopt new approaches to promoting services customers can't directly experience. So, service marketing is just a metaphor for an immaterial performance that the general public uses regularly. The hospitality business, for instance, sells only services rather than tangible goods. Hence, to reach as many people as possible, the industry promotes and provides an intangible service through various types of advertising.

  • No Property Rights Issued

While promoting a service, as opposed to a physical good, there are no guarantees of long-term possession made to the target audience. This is because, unlike a good, you cannot “own” a service. Unlike a pencil, which may be owned in the context of product promotion, a restaurant meal can be consumed. This aspect, in particular, emphasizes the effort service marketing authorities must make to entice clients.

  • Perishable Products

Unlike durable goods, services have a short shelf life and are therefore classified as perishable. This is because a service is considered to have been rendered for as long as the customer was physically present at the location. After then, it will remain a distant memory at best. Many audience members must be more readily swayed because services are perishable goods. Nonetheless, the service industry also promotes perishable goods to attract customers.

  • Cost of Consumption

 Consumption costs for services are not standardized in the same way that product prices are. Through an illustration, we can grasp this idea. The food and service at a one-star restaurant are of low quality and low pricing. A 5-star eatery, on the other hand, will offer the same services but at a higher level of quality and sophistication. There might be a wide range of differences between the available services. Regarding marketing for service industry, there is no such thing as a universal per-unit cost. This is why there is no uniform pricing structure for services. To promote a service, the consumer price of that service has become a primary focus of digital or revenue marketing by Pipeline Velocity.


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