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In today’s world, there is no duality that upto 5% of the world population suffers through distinct mental circumstances. Statistics of the world population that go to some sort of Therapy are surprising. Not only this, but recent medical studies have shown that India is one of the most depressed countries in the world.

Further ahead, global statistics reveal that 62% of women population in the world experience sexual distress due to non-satisfying sexual intercourse. On the contrary, only 38% of the men population feel 100% satisfied with their sexual life.

Medical science with hardcore statistics on the line has concluded that a non-satisfying sexual lifestyle can lead to further mental issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, body insecurity, and Erectile Dysfunction.

Are you also suffering from sexual anxiety and unsatisfying sexual intercourse with your partner? If yes, then it must be affecting your life outside the relationship as well. Did you know? Sexually unfulfilling relationships cause both partners to suffer over-the-top stress and anxiety at work. Not only this but their concentration level dropped down by 20%.

But, don’t worry! Because on the one hand, where sexually unfulfilling relationships are increasing, medical science is coming up with brand-new solutions. That’s right! If you haven’t heard about Sexual Therapy before. You have come to the right platform. Let’s learn about Sexual Therapy and how it helps you recover from dissatisfying sexual lifestyle under the counsel of the Best sexologist in Delhi .

How does sexual Therapy help in Life?

Having to engage in sexual intercourse or masturbation for a sexual dysfunctioning person can be challenging. For example, porn addiction among teenagers is one of the mainstream reasons for Erectile Dysfunction during the actual act of sexual intercourse. In this situation, sexual Therapy can help, according to the sexologist in Gurgaon. Here are reasons why you should see a sex therapist and how it would impact your sexual lifestyle —

  • Obtain corporeal sex and pleasure with your partner.
  • Open up about past or present sexual traumas and how it is affecting your life outside the bedroom?
  • Craft a deeper and pure sexual connection with your partner in order to grow the relationship in a healthy direction.
  • Keep your partner satisfied and interested.
  • Obtain confidence in your body, your choice of sexual positions, and other sexual choices.
  • Gain control of sexual desires that may set the unrealistic benchmark for your partner to acquire.
  • Prepare for a healthy future without worrying about sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, reduced or hyperactive libido, and sex/porn addiction.
  • Learn about your healthy sex versus unhealthy sex.
  • Find out about yourself physical, mental, and emotional traumas you have gone through or going through. Talking to a sexologist in Delhi will help you overcome the impacts of these traumas.

Apart from this, sexual Therapy can also help you overcome challenges at work that may arise through a non-satisfying sexual lifestyle.


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