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If you are familiar with the lottery games played in our country, then you must have heard about the popular Shilong Teer Game. It is a very famous lottery game that is based on archery concepts. Here, we will understand what is shillong teer & how to get Shillong teer previous result .

The shillong teer is a very interesting lottery game that is played by a lot of players on a regular basis. If you are going to try out this amazing lottery game, then you must study its important aspects thoroughly. This will enhance your chances of winning this lottery game to a great extent.

You should also find out the different means that will give you the capacity to determine the previous results of the shillong teer lottery game. Going through the previous results will give the new players the ability to predict the different aspects of the lottery game accurately.

So, if you are curious to understand all the important information regarding shillong teer and how to access the previous results of Shillong teer lottery game, then please keep on reading.

The Shillong teer lottery game

Before learning how to get shillong teer previous result, we will be providing some basic information about this teer lottery game. As we have already stated, this game is based on the traditional archery game of the Meghalaya area. The teer lottery game was created after combining the different aspects of lottery with this traditional archery concept.


In the game, the player will have to make certain predictions regarding the number of arrows that will be hitting a predetermined target. This prediction has to be done for two different rounds of arrow-shooting. Many people participate in this archery-based lottery game and come up with their predictions.


For the first time players, it will be a very tough task to come up with the predictions accurately. However, with regular and consistent practice, you will be able to get a good amount of success in this teer lottery game. But, this can take some amount of time and practice.


It is recommended that you go through the basic aspects of the game correctly before participating personally. This will provide you the capacity to come up with good predictions in the teer lottery game. Shillong Teer Results are announced on a daily basis. The first round typically takes place in the afternoon and the second one takes place in the evening time.

Learn how to get shillong teer previous result properly

We have looked at the basic concepts of the Shillong Teer game. As we have mentioned, the previous results are very important, and it can help the players in improving their winning chances to some extent. As a result, most people who play this teer game refer to the previous results quite often.


This gives them the capacity to learn the patterns and trends present in the Shillong Teer game properly. After going through the results for some time, you will be able to come up with the numbers that are likely to be successful in the upcoming rounds. Now, let us see how to get the previous results properly.

  • Official Shillong Teer Game Site : You will be able to see the results of the previous teer results on the official site of Shillong Teer Game. Here, all the game results are updated on a regular manner for the benefit of the players and the future players. 
  • Other online sites : Apart from the official site of Shillong Teer Game, the players will also be able to get the results of previous games on several other online platforms. Thus, you can also take the help of these sites for getting the old results. These sites generally arrange several previous results in a tabular format for the benefit of the players
  • Newspaper : The last method of accessing the previous Shillong Teer game results is through the local newspapers. However, this can be considered a complex method, as you will have to refer to a number of newspaper columns at the same time.

So, by using these sources, you will get the capacity to find out the previous Shillong Teer Game results correctly.

Some useful strategies

Now that we know what is shillong teer & how to get shillong teer previous result, let us understand some useful strategies that you can employ for the task of winning the Shillong Teer Game.

  • Master the Basics of the Game

In order to achieve success in any game, you must go through its basic concepts properly. Never dive into the advanced areas of the game without polishing your knowledge correctly.

  • Bet Wisely in the Game

You must always bet wisely whenever you are playing the Shillong Teer Game. After understanding the gaming strategies, you can begin betting. However, during the initial phase, you must try to go with small bets. Then, based upon your performance, you can slowly increase the bet value. If confused, you can always take the help of a Shillong Teer Game Expert.

  • Observation Power

Your observation power plays a very prominent role in the game of Teer. You must analyze the form of the archer carefully. Also, focus on the crowd's reaction and the direction of the wind. These are simple cues, but they can assist you a lot in becoming successful in the game.

  • Avoid being overconfident

Being overconfident can misguide you to a great extent. As a result, you will end up losing the game because of your wrong decisions. Hence, you must always remain calm and avoid being overconfident when playing the Shillong Teer game.


So, we have understood what is shillong teer & how to get shillong teer previous result. Along with that, we have also taken a look at the various useful strategies that need to be followed when playing the Shillong Teer Game. In addition to that, always note that the luck element also plays a prominent role in the game of Teer. It is always better to take slow steps when playing this Teer lottery game. Thereby, you will get the chance to examine the vital aspects of the game properly.




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