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What Is Sustainable SEO? 


Search engines update their ranking factors on a regular basis. If you believe that once you have achieved the top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs), you will never lose it, you are mistaken. To keep your top spot on SERPs, you'll need a solid SEO strategy. This is where long-term SEO comes in handy.


Sustainable SEO ensures that the content you publish is useful and relevant to your target audience. If your content does not address the concerns of your users, publishing it online is pointless. Thus, sustainable SEO emphasises the creation of evergreen content, the repurposing of older content, the improvement of site structure, and the assurance of content compatibility with all devices.


Tips for  Sustainable SEO 

  • Maintain your own blog and provide high-quality content.


To gain your customers' trust, you should communicate with them in ways other than advertisements and social media posts. Through their own blog, sustainable brands should educate their recipients about their products and the latest industry trends. Consistently writing a blog and posting on a regular basis will bring you new loyal customers, save them time searching for information elsewhere, and thus save some energy resources. Remember to provide high-quality content to your target audience.


  1.  Use keyword research

Keyword research is a strategy that can help you identify emerging trends as well as which terms resonate with different segments of your target audience. Multiple groups of people with different needs and purposes may look for the same product, resulting in numerous search paths leading to the same destination product. However, a specific product may be more appealing to one target group while being less appealing to another. Consider keyword optimization when creating content to better understand your audience and improve your marketing strategy.


  1. Use SEO to respond to long-term queries.


The internet frequently confuses users by providing them with a wealth of imprecise information. To make it easier for them, instead of using only 3-4 words, answer longer queries with your content. For that reason, include in your title the whole phrase, for example: “Why Green IT is important for the environment?” instead of “Green IT and the environment”. Giving users simple and direct answers should help you build trust with readers and prevent them from searching further.


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