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In a market that is flooded with new vape brands popping up left and right, distinguishing between them all to find the best can be tough. In our experience, the best disposable e cig is one that features each of these characteristics. Find disposable vape pens that come with each trait and you should have the one.


Standout Flavors to Try
Even when people already have their own refillable vape setup, they still frequently pick up a few disposable vape pens rather than vape refills. This is because people generally like variety and want to switch things out after a while. You may enjoy a few flavors most of the time, but eventually, you might get cravings for something new. Vape users might try out a disposable vape pen just to test a new flavor quickly to see if they like it. This is a little less expensive and less wasteful than buying an entire pack of refills if it turns out that you did not like it at all.

Because of this, the best disposable e cig has to come in a wide range of flavors, including some that you do not see just anywhere. This makes it much more enticing to try them, even if you already vape using a refillable device. You still have that excitement to experiment with them and pick out new ones every time you get the chance.

Good Amount for the Price
Another factor that defines what it means to be the best disposable e cig on the market is value. If you are going to continue to buy these disposable vape pens, you want to get a good deal at the same time. The best disposable e cig should give you a good amount of product (vape juice) for the price you pay. These are meant to be short term items, but you can still get enough vape liquid to last you for a few days. Some vape pens also come in longer-lasting, value sizes that give you more time to enjoy the flavor you chose. The best disposable e cig options should be ones that you can purchase casually without wincing at the thought of shelling out for a vape pen that gives you very little product to puff through.

Refillable Setups to Switch Over
For many vape users, disposable e cigarettes are great as a transitional step for getting started vaping or becoming introduced to a brand. If you enjoy your experience vaping with the best disposable e cig they have to offer, then you may want to switch over to a refillable vape setup. You want the disposable e cig to also have a refillable counterpart that could either be vape pods or vape liquid. In case the e cigarette is so great, you want to try the long term option, you want to look for vape brands that offer a refillable pen to give you that as a possibility.

A great disposable pen should have a refillable counterpart as well. Since it is from the same brand, you still get to continue enjoying the formula and pick up all the same flavors that you have been getting all this time.

These are our ideas of what makes the best disposable e cig out there. When you take all of these factors into consideration and find a product that actually matches up with them, you get a vape device that you truly enjoy and want to keep using for a long time. You might wonder if there is a vape brand that actually carries disposable e cigs like these, and thankfully there is. We love the disposable e cigarettes at cyclonepods.com and always recommend them to those looking for new vape pens to try. If we had to choose any one, we would have to say that these are the absolute best.

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