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The condition is established due to high glucose levels that are sustained over a lengthy amount. Other factors can contribute to nerve damage, including:

  • blood vessels are caused by cholesterol levels that are high
  • mechanical injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • lifestyle factors, such as alcohol consumption or smoking

A low level of B-12 vitamin could also cause neuropathy. Metformin is a popular medication prescribed to manage diabetes and can lower levels of vitamin B12. It is possible to ask your physician for a quick blood test to determine any vitamin deficiency.

What is the process for diagnosing diabetic neuropathy?

A doctor will decide whether or not you suffer from neuropathy. They will begin by asking what your complaints are and examine your medical background. Also, you'll be subjected to an examination of your body. They'll assess your sensitization to temperature and touching and also your heart rate and blood pressure and the tone of your muscles.

Your doctor could perform the test of filament to check the sensitivity of your feet. To do this, they'll employ nylon fiber to test your legs for any loss of feeling. A tuning fork can be used to determine your threshold for vibration. The doctor can also test the ankle's reflexes.


How can diabetic neuropathy be treated?

There's no cure to treat diabetic neuropathy however, you can reduce the process. The goal is to keep those levels of blood sugar within normal levels is the best method to reduce the risk of developing the condition or slow the progression. It also helps relieve certain symptoms.

Stopping smoking and working out regularly is part of a holistic treatment program. Always consult your doctor or your healthcare provider prior to beginning any new exercise regimen. It is also possible to ask your physician regarding alternative treatment options as well as supplements to treat neuropathy.


Management of pain

Certain medications are used to relieve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy. Consult your physician about the various medications available and the potential adverse effects they could have. Numerous medications have been found to alleviate symptoms.

It is also possible to look into alternative treatments like Acupuncture. Certain research done by the Trusted Source has discovered that capsaicin can be beneficial. Alternative therapies can provide relief when utilized in conjunction with medications.


Handling the complexities

In accordance with the kind or type of nerve damage, your physician might suggest treatments, medications, or lifestyle adjustments to ease symptoms and prevent complications.

For example, if are experiencing digestive problems due to neuropathy in your body, your doctor might suggest eating smaller meals less often and reducing the amount of fat and fiber that you consume.

If you suffer from dryness in your vagina, your doctor may recommend the use of a liquid lubricant. If you are suffering from an erectile disorder, they can prescribe medication to help.

Peripheral neuropathy is a common condition for people suffering from diabetes. It can cause severe foot problems that could result in an amputation. If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, you need to pay special attention to your feet and seek help if you've got injuries or sores.

Can I prevent diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is often prevented when you keep track of your blood sugar with care. To achieve this, you must keep track of:

  • monitoring your blood glucose levels
  • taking medication according to the prescription
  • managing your diet
  • being active

If you do experience diabetic neuropathy, you must work closely with your physician and follow their advice to slow its progress. If you are taking care of yourself you can minimize the nerve damage and stay clear of complications.


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