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In addition to the 3008, Peugeot‘s local Nasim also recently released a locally assembled (CKD) version of the seven-seater SU, 5008. The new car will be available in two versions locally, Actie (new) and Allure. They are priced at RM166888 and RM17888. In terms of appearance, the 5008 uses the lion claw headlight set and The design of the taillight group, the overall appearance is like 3008.

In the interior, it also follows the family-style iCockpit layout design, which covers a 12.3-inch full-LED digital instrument panel, an 8-inch floating multimedia screen on the center console, and a smaller-caliber steering wheel.

As a seven-seater SU, the second row of 5008 seats can be adjusted in multiple directions. It uses a 232 seat layout. The three seats in the second row can be individually folded and slide back and forth, allowing the third row of Passengers can get on and off the car through the middle door, and the third row of seats can also be individually folded and disassembled, so that the volume of the tail compartment can be expanded to a maximum of 1060 liters, and there is an electric tailgate at the rear.

In terms of interior configuration, the original factory claims that the new 5008 has excellent sound insulation and environmentally friendly front seats. In addition, 5008 is also equipped with Focal to provide advanced audio system, wireless charger, satellite navigation and panoramic glass sunroof (only the top Allure version).

In terms of safety configuration, the entire 5008 series comes standard with a complete set of traditional safety configurations, including six airbags, anti-skid tracking system, dynamic body stability system, as well as slope start and descent system and so on. On the top Allure version, it also has a driver fatigue warning system, headlights with automatic switching of distance and distance functions, automatic detection of road signs and speed limit functions, active electronic car following system, vehicle side blind spot warning system, and auxiliary Parking system and 360-degree panoramic camera lens, etc.

Like the 308 and 3008, the brand new 5008 uses the PSA Group’s EMP2 modular chassis, making the new 5008 lighter than the previous generation MP models by 95 kg. In terms of power, the CKD 5008 is equipped with a 1.6-liter Puretech four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, its maximum output power is 165hp/6000 revs, peak torque is 240Nm/1400 revs.

In terms of transmission system, it is matched with the six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive settings provided by Aisin. According to the data provided by the original factory, its acceleration time from 0100 kilometers per hour is 9.2 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds slower than its “brother” 3008, but the speed of the two is the same at 20 kilometers per hour.

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