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What Is The Difference Between A Heavy-Duty And Light-Duty Towing Service?

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Towing your vehicle on your own can be a matter of intense headache, nobody wishes to do it. But breakdowns in your vehicle and roadside accidents are quite inevitable at times. You never know when you would need a towing service to help you reach home. 

While your need for a towing service is quite obvious, you need to understand that not all towing service needs are the same and any tow company can help you with it. While most of them can help you with mid-sized vehicles, you are likely to need someone specially equipped if your vehicles are quite bigger in size. 

Hence, it is important to understand that light-duty towing services are different from heavy duty towing services. While light-duty towing service can help you with your car or mini-van, you will require a heavy duty wrecker service for a stranded loaded truck. Let’s understand the differences between them:

Heavy-duty towing

For the large vehicles, larger tow trucks are needed to perform the rescue. This is known as heavy-duty towing service. 

The tow trucks used for heavy vehicles are specifically designed with the capacity to handle larger vehicles and these are bigger than light duty tow trucks. Heavy duty tow trucks can lift heavier loads and bigger bodies. In fact, these are the biggest tow trucks available with a capacity of 25-ton lift. As said, these are designed to lift another full-sized big vehicle. 

Moreover, heavy-duty towing can be highly complex and requires specific skills that are possessed by heavy-duty wrecker services providers only. These professionals are certified to help you with heavy-duty towing. 

Light-duty towing 

These are the commonly needed and available towing services for mid-sized stranded vehicles. There are several companies that can help you with low-duty towing as it is not as complex and specific as heavy-duty towing. It could be your car, bike, or van stranded at some remote place due to unavailability of gas or other such issues, that would need a light-duty towing. However, if you are using a heavy vehicle with a larger capacity, then light duty towing services cannot help you out and you would need a specialist. 

Heavy-duty towing vs. light-duty towing 

As we look closer at both the categories of the towing services. They are different on the basis of the vehicles used for the towing, load capacity and they serve different purposes as well.

Heavy duty tow trucks have higher horsepower and more torque. They can assist you with the heaviest loads. Heavy-duty tow trucks are majorly used for recovering shipping containers, dump trucks, semi-truck trailers, and more such heavy vehicles whereas, a light duty tow truck can help you with sedans, mini trailers, and bikes. 

Misunderstanding your needs and hiring the wrong tow truck service can lead you to loss. It is better to understand the difference between heavy duty and light duty towing and hiring the right service for your needs. 




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