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Timber pests can cause severe damage to the structural timber and other wood laden areas of your home, and you won’t even know it until something really bad happens. These pests and the damage they do is not visible during a visual inspection since the damage can be done internally in the timber, and it can be a huge problem to both get rid of them and rectify the damages caused by them, not to mention that they could result in some real safety issues for those living in the home.

One of the best ways to detect these little pests is to do a regular timber pest inspection in Sydney since these inspections are carried out by professionals who know what to look for and can easily detect infestations and possible damages caused by them. These professionals will even recommend the best methods to get rid of the infestation as well as what course of action to take to repair the damages. They can even recommend preventive measures to be taken to avoid such issues.

There are several types of timber pests that these timber pest inspections in Sydney can detect, such as termite infestations, borers and even wood decaying fungus. Termites and borers are two of the most common pest infestations that affect the timber areas of a home, and it is always good to know a little more about them so that you are aware of the serious types of damage that these pests can do, because they are very different from each other, although they can cause the same amount of damage to a home.

  • Termites – Termites are one of the most common types of timber pests in Australia. Termites look a lot like ants, but are pale in colour, hence why they are sometimes referred to as white ants. They are mostly subterranean pests, who live underground, and make mud tubes to move around. This is the way that they even get onto trees or your home, which are sources of food for them. Termites are one of the more dangerous pests around since they can cause the most damage to the timber areas of your home, including structural timber, decks, and even furniture, and they usually build their nests near or under homes.

Moist soil and other areas are very conducive to termites, and they thrive in such areas. They love the dark, and stay away from light as much as possible since their bodies are prone to drying out, hence why they favour moisture. During a timber pest inspection in Sydney, the inspectors will look for areas that are conducive to termite infestations and identify such areas. This is why most specialists recommend that you ensure that your home’s soil line in below the foundation level, because if not it is the ideal way that these pests can get into your house and destroy it. Living close to trees and shrubs also increases the risk of termite infestations.

When termites attack timber, they generally tend to eat away and destroy everything, but leave a very thin veneer of the wood so that the damage is undetectable to the naked eye. The timber can be almost hollow on the inside but you wouldn’t even know it. In addition, these infestations spread very rapidly. If one house in a neighbourhood is infested by termites, it can quickly spread to several other houses in the area.

  • Borers – Borers are a kind of beetle and their grubs are what cause the timber damage. Borers generally infest trees, and if timber is used where they have laid their eggs, the larvae will start feeding on it and cause severe damage. Most borers leave little pinhole sized holes in the timber, which are almost undetectable but not as bad as termites. If you see tiny little minute holes in any timber areas of your home, you can be sure that they have been caused by borers, and it would be best to get the infestation sorted out immediately.

One of the most dangerous types of borers that homeowners should be vary of are powder post and furniture beetles, who attack seasoned timber. They can attack any area of the house and turn your timber into fine powder. Hence getting a regular timber pest inspection in Sydney to detect these dangerous borers is very important, since there is no preventive measure that you can take to keep them away, unlike with termites. If you do find that you have borers in your home, then treatment to get rid of them should be carried out immediately before they can cause even more damage to your structural timber or furniture.

Whatever kind of pest you may have it is always best to detect them early and get treatment done. Damages caused by timber pests can be very expensive to rectify, especially if it is to structural timber. A regular inspection is the only way to know if these pests are causing a problem in your home. If you are thinking of buying a new home, then it is best to get a timber pest inspection done prior to making a decision, since you won’t know what damage or issues they may have caused.


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