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Child custody trials can be events that transform children's lives. The parents of a child have the potential to be the most powerful individuals in their lives. Depending on the case, this may be a positive or negative influence on the general well-being of a child. Based on the evidence provided to them, the courts' purpose is to make decisions based on the child/children's best interests. Usually, a family law court describes two distinct forms of agreements for child custody: legal and physical.

Physical custody often seems to be the most important of the two aspects of child custody, but the importance of legal custody cannot be overlooked. Physical custody does determine where a child will physically live and who will be their primary caretaker. This person can greatly impact the child's life, but this is not the only way for a parent to be involved in the life of a child.

Legal custody, too, is a vital element that can greatly influence a child's life. Legal custody is the right of either parent to have an equal say in many major decisions. Being an active decision-maker in a child's life is a meaningful way to express your interest and concern for their well being. A guardian with legal custody has a say in all different types of decisions. From schooling to medical decisions, custody of either type is a crucial way to be involved in a child's life. This type of custody also affects financial and religious decisions. To understand and execute the right choices for yourself & your child/children, you should consult an accomplished Child Custody Attorney at the earliest.

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