What is the future of the on-demand food delivery industry?

Google has now integrated food service in its Maps and Assistant. Although it is not an indication of Google’s involvement with the food delivery service business directly, this recent update to its operating system and services will significantly impact the existing business. With this feature, Android and iOS users can now escape from the hassle of downloading multiple food delivery applications on their smartphones. Google has now enabled users to book food directly from their apps and services. They have tied up five top food delivery service providers in the market to facilitate the process. 

You might be wondering how that would be possible. But recently, if you have noticed closely, you will find a button that says ‘Order Online’ whenever you search on Google Maps. On pressing this button, you will be directly taken to the associated food delivery service to choose your menu, delivery time, location, etc. The process is similar to placing orders on an on-demand food delivery app, and you will have multiple options in payment.

Google’s recent move has put the online food ordering process way ahead of time and more comfortable. Customers can say, “Hey Google,” followed by the restaurant's name to get started. The assistance will predict the delivery services available in the user’s vicinity, and then the customers can easily place their orders. Another best thing about this feature is that users can reorder wherever needed by asking the assistant to do so. 

This feature will be deployed in a phased manner worldwide and will make it easier for customers to place orders on any food delivery app like swiggy. Currently, this service is available on popular apps like DoorDash, Slice, Postmates, and more. Google has announced that more on-demand food delivery apps are on the roster and added in upcoming months. 

What’s more to come?

There is no doubt that Google’s recent move is going to revolutionize the food delivery industry. In addition to this, several startups worldwide have announced that traditional delivery vehicles will soon get replaced with e-vehicles. This move comes as an initiative to raise their voices against global warming and pave the way for a cleaner environment. Some providers plan to offer innovative delivery options, like sending food packages to the customer’s location on wheeled robots. Discussions are going on to take Drones as alternatives to delivery executives as they can deliver food efficiently in city traffic, especially at peak hours. 


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