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Hollow Section is the industry leader when it comes to the production and export of HEA (IPBL) European Wide Flange Beams.

Specification of HEA(IPBL) BEAM

The dimensions of the HEA (IPBL) beam are established in accordance with the European standard EN 10025-2. All measurements are given in millimeters, and the letter “H” denotes both the width and the height of the beam. The letter “S” denotes the amount of thickness present in both the flange and the web. The height and width of the beam, in addition to its flange and web thickness, are the parameters that define its dimensions. The standard includes a specification on the beam's weight as well. A HEA (IPBL) beam is a specific kind of steel beam that is utilized in the building and structural engineering industries. Both “HEA” and “IPBL” are abbreviations that refer to “European Wide Flange Beams” and “Indian Parallel Flange Beams,” respectively. These beams have a cross-section in the shape of an H, with wide flanges and a small web in between them.

Application of HEA(IPBL) BEAM

In the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures that must have the ability to support enormous loads, HEA (IPBL) beams are frequently utilized. In most cases, they are employed as horizontal support beams, such as roof structures or floor beams. However, they can also be utilized vertically as columns in some circumstances. There is some leeway in both the size and the strength of HEA (IPBL) beams due to the fact that each application and set of building criteria is unique. Because of its capacity to carry enormous loads while also ensuring that the weight is distributed uniformly throughout the structure, HEA (IPBL) beams are frequently utilized in the building and civil engineering industries. In addition, they have use in the production of machinery and equipment, as well as in the transportation sector.



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