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The popularity of Craft Beer in London has been growing steadily over the last few years, with more and more people preferring this flavourful and aromatic beer to mass-produced regular beer. The definition of Craft Beer is a bit complicated and there is actually no specific definition for it in the UK, but it is widely agreed that Craft Beer are those produced by small breweries using natural, hand-picked ingredients. These breweries produce only a limited quantity of Craft Beer per year, because their emphasis is more on producing a high-quality product than on quantity and making profits. Craft Beer brewers use natural ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, caramel, fruits and flower hops to make their amazing brews.

Craft beer is an adventure in itself, with its wide range of flavours that are ideal for beer lovers of varying tastes. Craft beer also provides a greater kick for the amount of money you spend. While you may need several beers when it comes to regular mass-produced brands, with Craft Beer just one or two will be sufficient to give you the kick you need. It is also very popularly known that Craft Beer has many health benefits because the brewers use only the freshest of ingredients which are high in antioxidants, protein and Vitamin B complex. Craft Beer helps reduce the risk of many diseases such as heart disease, kidney issues, osteoporosis, diabetes type II, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, among others. Certainly, when I want to down a beer, I only look for a Craft Beer near me, at a local store, pub or by ordering through a dedicated ecommerce site.

Beer lovers all agree that Craft Beer offers a sensual and exotic experience for the tastebuds, with its diverse flavours, aromas and styles. It is the ideal beverage to pair with your favourite food, whatever the occasion may be.

So, what are the more popular brand of Craft Beer in London?

  • Leigh On Sea Black IPA from Crowstone – A rare black IPA that offers 5.5% volume, created using seven different malts including caramel, bitter chocolate and coffee. This Black IPA has a smooth, perfectly balanced, creamy texture to it.
  • Thornbridge Jaipur IPA – Offering 5.9% volume, this Craft beer tastes great no matter how you drink it. It uses 6 different hop varieties in its production, giving it a distinct aroma and bitterness to it.
  • Lost And Grounded Keller Pils – A popular lager guaranteed to quench your thirst, made by a Bristol based brewery using German Pilsner malt and three varieties of hops, and offers 4.8% volume. This brewer’s labels are hand drawn and beautiful.
  • Vocation Love & Hate – This IPA has become very popular in recent times with its non-traditional IPA taste and offering 7.2% volume. Oats and wheat ingredients make it thick and hazy, with hints of fruit flavours.
  • Siren Broken Dream – Offering 6.5% volume, this thick, luxurious Craft Beer is brewed using oats and coffee. It is of a very complex flavour due to the oats and the 6 different varieties of malts including a smoked variety, used in this unusual brew.
  • Five Points Railway Porter – This delectably smooth and very much drinkable Craft Beer is dark and delightful, with hints of burnt toast, chocolate and coffee. It is a very aromatic and flavourful beer offering 4.8% volume.
  • Deya Steady Rolling Man – The number one Pale Ale in UK, this slightly hazy and soft Craft Beer with hints of peach, apricot and other tropical fruit aromas with just the right amount of alcohol and kick, offers 5.2 volume.
  • Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons – This typical sour may not be for everyone, but don’t knock it till you try it. Ideal for pairing with fish, this is brewed with coriander and salt. Offers a volume of 3.6%.
  • The Kernel Table Beer – This unassuming beer is one that is well loved, is extremely flavoursome and full bodied, making it the perfect drink for any occasion. It offers a volume of 3%.
  • Buxton Rain Shadow – This imperial stout offers 10% volume with notes of dark malt, burnt toast, chocolate and coffee.
  • Wiper & True Milkshake – A silky smooth beer with strong hints chocolate and more subtle hints of vanilla, offers 5% volume, and a sweet texture.

With all these and more varieties of Craft Beer in London, how can you find what is best suited to your tastes? Well, we of course, suggest you try them all, because all Craft Beer has their own unique flavour and aroma, and are an adventure to try, but to easily find what you are looking for, search online for ‘Craft Beer Near Me’ and get your favourite Craft Beer delivered right to your doorstep.


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