Travelers who use airport transfers can connect from the airport to their final destination, such as a hotel, cruise port or local attraction. Some of these services are paid for in advance through booking agencies, travel agents, and tour operators, while others are free, such as hotel shuttle services. Orly Airport Transfer does not include taxis, rideshares, or public transportation. In addition to booking transfers while traveling, you can book them at the airport when returning from your trip.

Private Airport Transfers

When you and your travel companions take pre-arranged transportation to your destination, it is a private airport transfer. A Shuttle to Disneyland Paris driver will usually meet you at the airport. You can order private vehicles, limos, or even buses for larger groups as an individual traveling for business or pleasure. Most tour companies and cruise lines arrange for transfers from the CDG Taxi to the tour meeting place or the port.

A service like this eliminates the need to hail a taxi or carry a suitcase into public transportation. It's also important that tourists have all their travel needs met (including payment) before arriving at the airport, especially if they have just arrived after a lengthy flight. Also, drivers may change pickup times if delays occur with guests' planes. The cost is the only major drawback.

Private transfers can be expensive, but splitting the cost with other travelers may be more cost-effective than hiring a regular cab.

Look up a local taxi or car service at your destination or ask your hotel for assistance to schedule your own private airport transfer.

Shared Airport Transfers

People often book shared transportation options such as shuttle buses or vans at major cities' airports. Private transfers can take place anytime of the day, but shared transfers are usually scheduled in advance. Shared airport transfers may take you directly to your hotel, while others may take you only to a central point, like the train station, in the destination.

For guests arriving at the airport simultaneously, certain tour companies and cruise lines arrange shared transport. However, this will almost always be a door-to-door service.

Shared airport transfers are normally far less expensive than private airport transfers, making them an excellent choice for passengers who want a more convenient mode of transportation than taxis or public transportation but don't want to pay an extravagant charge. You may have to wait until other passengers arrive before the transfer can leave, since it may not be a door-to-door service.

Hotel Shuttles

A hotel shuttle is another option for airport transportation. Many hotels near airports provide complimentary shuttle service between the airport and their premises. They operate on a regular schedule (varying from every fifteen minutes to every hour—or longer intervals), similar to shared airport transfers. However, they don't always function 24 hours a day. Check with your hotel to see if they have a complimentary shuttle service for visitors, and inquire about the schedule. Keep in mind that some hotels need visitors to phone ahead to secure a shuttle spot, so keep that in mind.