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Probate is the process by which a deceased person's assets are legally managed. You shouldn't make any financial decisions or put any property up for sale before applying for probate.

Getting a probate

You need to apply to get probate. Prior to applying, you must:

Whether you meet the requirements for the application, whether a probate is necessary, and whether you must pay inheritance tax

Check to see if a probate is needed

Contact the financial organizations the deceased person used such as their bank and mortgage company to see whether you need to go through the probate process in order to access their assets.

If the decedent fits any of the following descriptions:

Unless the surviving owners have agreed differently, only owned savings owned stock or cash with others; this automatically transfers to all of the surviving owners.

Why choose an accredited accounting firm for probate?

One of the few competent accountant firms to receive a licence to undertake probate work is us, as the cost of probate services is reasonable. Due to this and our expertise in all facets of accounting, taxes, and estate administration, you may have complete confidence in us to handle the entire process on your behalf.

Background information – If the dead was one of our clients, it's likely that we already possess all the financial information and background data needed to make the probate process as straightforward as possible. If the client's present accountant wasn't qualified to handle the probate application, we could still manage it even if they weren't a client.

We are professionals in accounting and taxation, therefore we are used to gathering and calculating financial and tax-related data. We can shorten the time it takes to collect the necessary data by doing this.


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