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Engineering plastics are plastics that have better mechanical and/or thermophysical properties than other plastics like polystyrene and PVC.

While engineering plastics are possible to produce in smaller quantities, they can be more expensive and more difficult for manufacturers. These plastics can be used for small volumes of parts and other products. parts). Acrylonitrile Butadiene Strene is an engineering plastic that can be used to make bumpers and trim for automobile dashboards. Polycarbonates can be used to make helmets that are suitable for skiers and motorcycle riders.

In many cases, engineering plastics are gradually replacing traditional engineering materials like metal and wood. Engineer plastics can be bent into complex shapes and are much easier to cut than other engineering materials.

There's a big difference between engineering and regular, plastic

They are well-known for their versatility and high levels of functionality.

There are many types and varieties of engineering plastics. Engineer plastics are stronger than other types of plastic and more resistant to heat.

Although there isn't a universal standard for engineering plastics, most can withstand temperatures up to 100° Celsius. The temperature resistance of super engineering plastics is up to 150 degrees Celsius.

1960 was the birthplace of engineering plastics.

Industrial production flourished all over the globe at that time. High economic growth has been supported by Japan's rapid industrial production growth.

To meet the demands for mass production, it is important to use lighter materials. They are cheaper and more efficient than traditional metals, and they are easier to process.

Lighter materials are more durable than metal parts for automobile parts. This is due in part to weight reduction measures, which improve fuel efficiency as a result depletion of petroleum resources.

Plastic parts are becoming more popular due to the widespread acceptance of engineering plastics as an alternative to metal.

Producers began to require plastics that perform better than traditional engineering plastics. So, super engineering plastics were created.

These plastics can also be used to create intermediate materials between metals and general-purpose plastics.

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