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In the application process of nutshell activated carbon, whether it is the user or the manufacturer, the various indicators of the nutshell activated carbon will be tested. activated carbon powder for sale One is to judge the product quality of the nutshell activated carbon, and the other is to determine which activated carbon to use based on this. .

So, how to distinguish the quality of activated carbon from nut shells? It's simple for people in the industry, but for outsiders, it's like a mountain. Today, we will introduce the quality standards of activated carbon from nut shells.

The quality standards of nutshell activated carbon include appearance, iodine value, particle size, specific surface area, mechanical strength, and ash content.

1. Appearance

The appearance of the shell activated carbon is black irregular flakes or granules, with a little black powder on the surface.

2. Iodine value

Iodine value has always been the quality standard for judging the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. The higher the iodine value, the stronger the adsorption capacity. The iodine value of nutshell activated carbon is usually above 600mg/g.

3. Granularity

The particle size of commonly used nutshell activated carbon is between 10-24 mesh, and the particle diameter is between 2.0-0.8mm, and the size error is between ±5%. activated carbon suppliers usa The finer and smaller the particle, the better the quality of the nutshell activated carbon.

4. Specific surface area

The specific surface area is the expansion of the internal space of one gram of shell activated carbon to present a plane. The area of this plane is the specific surface area of the shell activated carbon. The larger the surface area of the shell activated carbon, the better the quality.

5. Mechanical strength

The mechanical strength determines the service life of the nutshell activated carbon. The higher the mechanical strength, the better the quality and the longer the service life. The strength of nutshell activated carbon generally requires> 80%.

6. Ash

Ash is the residue remaining after grinding carbon into powder after burning at 954°C for 3 hours. Refers to the weight percentage of a certain amount of activated carbon after oxidation. The ash content of husk activated carbon is mainly the residue after firing. The lower the ash content, the more standardized the firing process of husk activated carbon, and the less residue.


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