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Modern web development always depended on the skill set of web developers to boost itself in the process of web development. Technologies come and go but so does the skill set of web developers. It is essential that web development takes up to a prominent path where Technologies can seamlessly contribute toward the process of development. PHP has long been the go-to technology when it comes to any kind of server side development. PHP has a rich history of about more than 20 years or two decades, behind its back for contributing to web development. Web web design has long been using web development using PHP to support its engines and carry forward the process of development.

 In this article we will take a look at what role PHP plays when it comes to web development. How important is PHP when web development takes place and how can designers and Developers contribute to it? 

Why PHP?

In order to answer this question let's go back in time to study the facts that PHP brings to the table. During the invention of the web, there was a need for server side programming to enable Browser get back the request and get it processed with the help of service design process code. previously when the web was invented the only language that modern web browsers could understand is HTML. Browsers can only understand HTML and this seems to be the presentation layer or the view layer for displaying information or any kind of text, for the browser. PHP is known as personalized home pages, which means that it supports server side processing through the use of PHP syntax, and provides back HTML.

 A server is needed to process PHP statements, and the resulting process output will be HTML which is given back to the browser as a part of the response request. Let us first understand how the interaction happens between web browser and web server. 

 When we type www.google.com in the web browser, and hit enter a request goes to the DNS server which locate IP address for the Google homepage, when the server is found the request is passed to it. The server processes the request and provides back HTML. this HTML is then passed back to the browser by the internet. The browser processes the HTML statement and the resulting page is displayed to the user. If the request passed by the browser requests a PHP page, then the request is processed by the PHP server side engine, and the resulting HTML is then passed to the browser. The browser then displays the HTML page as a resulting request and renders back the HTML, to the user. in this way a PHP request page is handled. And the webpage is displayed to the user, as a response to the request.

So now we know how PHP handles a browser request, and what details are passed between the user browser and the server.

 PHP is present in all forms of the internet, there are many content management systems that are designed using PHP, such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and so on. PHP has been the backbone of web development and server side processing when it comes to display in web pages. even the first server to be present on the web handling request on the world wide web was a PHP based server. It is because of PHP that server side processing came into LimeLight. PHP is present in many different forms that is helping web developers and designers to create inspiring web pages and web applications that Power the today's modern web. There are also many PHP based frameworks that are invented to support modern web development, and  enable single page application designing. such as laravel, which is a PHP based web application framework that is popular among web developers and Web Designer like.

Benefits of using PHP

Open Source

 PHP is an open source language. this means that anyone can contribute and use PHP as long as he likes without the need to buy an expensive subscription or pay for a heavy licence. This makes it possible for you to constantly enable contribution and develop the language with new features and functionalities. any programmer or web designer, or web developer, can use the language for its own web development process, he can also contribute to the language by suggesting and contributing to updates and changes in the language without the fear of being prosecuted, or suppressed.

Great Community Support

PHP is backed and supported by a great community of users that are like minded and goal-oriented. These communities of users believe in helping one another by solving the problems that they face during web development and helping them solve their queries. whatever be your query or issue that you face, you can always get it solved by posting in the community forums and user groups. Your questions and doubts will be answered within 12 to 24 hours, and this will help you solve your problem that you face in web designing.

Easy to learn

PHP is an easy to learn language that resembles English like statements in its syntax. This means that plain English statements are used code PHP documents do make it highly readable by fellow PHP programmers web designers. Anybody having little to no experience in web development and designing can easily learn PHP and become a master at it. there it is essential that every Web Designer and web developer knows how to use and implement PHP MI India web application and web designs. 

Robust and Secure

PHP is a robust and Secure language that can be used for any kind of server side development and assigning. It has valuable designers and developers to contribute code that facilitate web designing and modern web development pretty easily. This is a secure language that cares about the users security and safety. PHP design from the ground up to be a safe and Secure language that can be used for any different purposes


So you see what is the importance of PHP and what role it plays in web programming. we hope you liked this article and have found it informative. 


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