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Today, if you know how to play the game, you can buy a high-quality home security system for nothing. The secret is to identify the biggest home security company in your region with in-house monitoring capabilities with Pearland alarm permit. These top-performing, #1 installing companies will want to make their long-term money not from the equipment and installation but from the continuing monitoring of your house. This is your chance to receive a system for nothing.

Here's How It Works

The largest business clients are where the top security providers get the majority of their revenue and cover their expenditures. Additionally, it is relatively inexpensive and very profitable to attract new residential consumers once they have this monitoring infrastructure in place. They may thus provide the hardware and installation work for almost nothing or even less. They are aware that the money to be made from you over the long run through surveillance is where the profit lies.

These monitoring firms will promote their services through a network of independently owned and run authorised dealers to reach the home customer—you. The majority (if not all) of the work that these dealers perform is exclusively for the monitoring firm since they must uphold a high standard of quality to stay in the network. They also purchase all of their equipment from the business, benefiting from a respectable volume discount. Of course, the monitoring firm also benefits from this.

So, here are some ways that you might profit from the manner that these businesses operate.

Find the authorised dealer in your region who performs the most installs. Search online, use the Yellow Pages, or get in touch with the neighbourhood Chamber of Commerce.

Be Direct And Upfront: In the ideal case situation, find out if you can receive the supplies and labour for no cost or for a very low cost if you sign a long-term monitoring agreement with them. By the way, having good credit and being able to verify it helps.

Clearly, The Smaller Companies Will Not Do This: Mom and pop businesses have smaller profit margins and sell fewer installations. However, because they make up for it in volume, the larger dealers can afford to decrease their margins when selling to you. Additionally, the business that will be receiving your multi-year monitoring contract has a financial interest to pay for a cheap system for your house. It's similar to receiving a free razor since the maker is aware that you'll be purchasing their razor-blades for a very, very long time.

  • A win-win-win scenario exists.
  • You receive an installation for free or almost free.
  • The licenced dealer earns money from the products and labour used.
  • The monitoring firm gains a loyal client and the chance to promote their services to other potential customers in your neighbourhood and among your friends.

A Couple Of Additional Thoughts:

This works well with the dealers in your region who perform the most installs, not necessarily the mom-and-pop businesses.

Additionally, you will be expected to remain with the monitoring firm for a predetermined minimum of time, such as a few years. Of course, the monitoring firm wants you to remain a client for the foreseeable future—if only out of inertia. However, they will begin with a set term.

Oh, and did we forget to add that the monitoring business gets to decorate all of your windows with stickers and erect a great big sign in your yard? Studies have shown that the signage and decals alone will significantly reduce the risk of a break-in, so that's also a win-win situation.


Therefore, if you're looking for a monitored home security system with Pearland alarm permit, find the area's top-performing authorised dealer, and then use that information to your advantage.

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