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Are you interested in learning about benchmarking and energy management? If so, the city of San Jose has been setting a positive example for other cities across the country with its innovative approach to addressing sustainability efforts. With an innovative suite of tools known as the San Jose Benchmarking Utility, San Jose is creating standards for sustainable local government operations. Learn more about this advanced program and discover how it can help shape your own municipal energy initiatives!

What Is San Jose Benchmarking?

San Jose benchmarking is a process commercial and multifamily building owners can use to measure the efficiency of their buildings. Through the tracking of energy and water usage, building owners can better understand their own individual energy and water building usage compared to surrounding buildings.

This understanding comes from San Jose's benchmarking ordinance, which requires commercial and multifamily buildings owners to report the energy used by their buildings every year.

This allows for a comprehensive look at how commercial and multifamily covered building performance differs in comparison to one another within the city, helping owners implement measures that could save them money on monthly utility bills.

Benchmarking San Jose commercial and multifamily buildings is an important step towards sustainable construction practices, ultimately protecting our planet while keeping your wallet full.

What is the San Jose benchmarking use for energy management?

The City of San Jose is committed to energy management through the use of energy benchmarking. Benchmarking in this context allows the city to measure energy performance annually and systematically, track energy efficiency improvements over time, and compare energy performance relative to similar buildings.

They leverage the Energy Star Portfolio Manager for energy data collection, allowing for an accurate assessment of energy usage in different types of buildings.

The data enables comprehensive analysis and feedback for energy efficiency programs specifically tailored to each building in order to identify best practices and optimize energy conservation efforts.

Furthermore, benchmarking provides an avenue for tracking progress on energy performance goals and objectives that are outlined in their Climate Smart Action Plan.

Requirements For San Jose Benchmarking Report

The City of San Jose has established lofty goals beyond benchmarking and efficiency improvement measures to become an energy-efficient city. As such, the Benchmarking Report Requirements cover many details beyond basic data collection and provide for a comprehensive program.

This includes details related to the required web-based platform and the requirements for analyzing the data collected, conducting stakeholder meetings, reviewing and submitting reports with findings, as well as formulating and recommending strategies that lead to improved efficiency performance.

The report must also consider equity issues throughout its preparation process. With these criteria in mind, a benchmarking study conducted by San Jose would ensure a thorough understanding of the energy use in all buildings which meet the requirements as set forth by municipal laws.

How to Comply for San Jose Benchmarking

Looking to comply with Benchmarking in the San Jose energy market? You have come to the right place. Here, we break down the energy star score and energy audit requirements that are necessary in order to meet key energy or water services standards in this thriving energy market.

Energy star score energy audit energy and water key performance standards discover how energy star score audits, energy analyses, and conservation advice can help you stay ahead of the curve while driving down energy costs into 2021.

See how you can stay competitive in this ever-growing atmosphere, by meeting your energy efficiency goals with knowledge, insights, and actionable steps from our expert team of benchmarking professionals.

Deadline for San Jose Benchmarking Report

Do you need to submit a performance verification report (PVR), including weather-normalized site energy performance, for the City of San Jose by May 1st? A PVR is an important benchmarking tool used for performance comparison – and now’s the time to get started.

Check out the city's building performance law website for more information about what's required and how to submit it before the looming May 1st deadline. It's never too early to start preparing your performance verification report and ensure that your facility is compliant with San Jose city law requirements. Make sure you don't miss the deadline – visit the website today!

Benefits of San Jose Benchmarking

Whenever cities and local governments pursue projects to improve their services, they can achieve greater success by engaging in benchmarking. San Jose is no different and has taken advantage of benchmarking to compare the performance of its services and operations with those of other similar cities.

The benefits that San Jose has experienced from this strategic process include better informed decision-making and improved operational efficiency. Benchmarking ensures that projects come in on time, within budget, and meet targeted goals more effectively. These key advantages help to additionally assure fiscal responsibility – all of which benefit San Joses taxpayers!

By employing benchmarking for important projects, San Jose can continue to improve not only its infrastructure but also the quality of life for its citizens who deserve the best possible outcomes from their investments.


The San Jose Benchmarking Use for Energy Management is a way to manage your business's energy consumption and improve efficiency. This program will help you save money, conserve resources, and reduce your carbon footprint. Benchmarking your company's progress with others in the area will motivate you to continue working hard to improve your energy management practices. Implementing the suggestions from this program will make your business more sustainable and efficient. Are you ready to start saving money and conserving resources? Contact us today to learn more about the San Jose Benchmarking Use for Energy Management program.


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