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The simplified Price Action Trading course is a study of price movement that happens in the capital market. The are several fundamental and technical analysis that is derived from the price, so it is important to study the price movement in the market with some simplified price action trading course. The two most important parts which need consideration are the time variables and the price that are clearly presented in the chart. The chart is a very clean chart and there is nothing to cloud the price indicator for the trader. This course is best suited for those who are interesting in trading in money market.

  • Teaching contents of Simplified Price Action Trading course

Simplified Price Action Trading training is a very simple course and it deals with only two aspects of the process like identifying and taking advantage of the trading opportunities in the capital market. Whatever is reflected in economic data and in the world news are the cause of the price movement and this price movement is derived from Price action on the market price chart.

The market may behave in three ways. Uptrend, downtrend, or sideways. The present asset prices will enable the traders to tell the present price action of the market.

Once the market condition is identified, the trader will proceed to identify if there is a trading opportunity in the market or not. An uptrend will tell the trader if the price reaches higher or a retracement is expected. This type of price action can only be understood if the trader undergoes a simplified Price Action Trading course.

  • Basic learning of Simplified Price Action Trading Course

.The crux of price action trading

.How to include price action trading in the trading plan

.How to use support and resistance

.Money management

.Risk Management

.Candlestick pattern


.Forex Trading

How to learn Simplified Price Action Trading Course

There are different strategies that the experts teach about price trading actions.

.Price Action Trading discounts everything

The price action trader mainly analyzes the chart that is in front of him. It analyses the trend, pattern, and potential trade setups. It is normally what the trader watches in front but not what it could be if worked on the fundamentals.

.Price moves based on trends

Once a trend is set the future price movement is likely to move in the same direction or will remain in the same direction. It may bifurcate if anytime the trend bends.

.History of Price pattern that is repeated

There are many forms of price pattern which is used for more than 100 years and those are still relevant today because it draws the same pattern of price movement. When the price action chart is read, then, it is nothing but the behavior of the trader which is reflected in the chart. The reason behind this repetition is the traders’ repetitive habits.


The simplified Price action trading course deals with the characteristics of the security price movement. The course enables the trader to read the market and take proper decisions based on present price movement.



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