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The medical community has conducted hundreds of clinical studies to find therapies that allow the brain to trigger the internal production of substances called endorphins, which have the ability to eliminate pain and discomfort naturally without external help.

Methods to treat chronic pain

The placebo effect is also known, which is the ability to achieve the same result as medicine or drug, by giving a patient a pill with only sugar. This has resulted in proven alternative methods of treating pain without medication.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been the fundamental foundation of Chinese medicine for several centuries. The insertion of thin metal needles at specific points in the human body has been shown to reduce chronic pain satisfactorily.

It also eliminates the sensation of pain and the anxiety that it generates in thousands of patients, who suffer from moderate to severe pain. Its utility is so evident in relieving chronic pain that medical centers use it routinely in the United States, gaining approval from regulatory bodies as a drug-free pain treatment.

2. Mindfulness meditation

This is the most economical form that can be used satisfactorily, the use of which has been scientifically proven and supported in multiple clinical studies. This meditation consists of focusing full attention on some part of the body, while breathing and trying to eliminate recurring thoughts, with the purpose of not thinking about anything else.

After 15 to 30 minutes of maintaining fixed attention on some part of the body, it has been observed that it works to eliminate chronic pain, reduce the frequency of episodes of chronic pain, it is a therapy currently used in medical centers to control pain. pain without using medication. Anyone can benefit from this therapy, which can be practiced anytime they want.

3. Cognitive-behavioral therapies

Clinical and behavioral psychology has successfully performed hundreds of interventions in patients, who have been taught techniques to link their thoughts with certain behaviors and achieve a state of relaxation, which they can use during an episode of chronic pain, especially those related to the back and spinal pathologies. Their results were very encouraging, since they were shown to decrease both the frequency and intensity of pain in the patients studied.

4. Biofeedback or biological feedback

By learning to recognize certain symptoms, the patient can learn to intervene early and prevent or reduce chronic pain without the use of medication, through exercises aimed at postural changes and relaxation of selected muscle groups.

5. Physiotherapy

Through physical therapy, the strengthening of a selected muscle group can be achieved, as well as the ligaments which can avoid vicious postures that could be responsible for causing pain.

Physiotherapy has been effective in many patients to remove chronic pain without using medication and once the patient learns the proper exercises they can be done at home or office.

6. Thermal changes in the area

The application of physical means, such as compresses and bags of water with temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius can be used to reduce chronic pain without medication.

Cold water promotes a marked increase in blood flow to the treated area, which helps reduce pain. If compresses or bags of water with a temperature of 43 to 44 degrees Celsius are added to this, an almost immediate relaxation of the muscles in the area will be observed, which works to eliminate chronic pain. This method is widely used in sports medicine and in muscle injuries.

7. Hypnosis

Hypnosis has proven to be a method with moderately satisfactory results as a tool to reduce chronic pain, as well as the frequency and severity of pain episodes.

Hypnosis can only be administered by duly certified psychiatrists or behavioral psychologists for it to be effective.

8. Neuroprogramming

The way in which pain reduction is obtained after the administration of analgesics can be replicated naturally by the human body, without the need for any external agent, through the use of any of the behavioral techniques.

Despite knowing the mechanism of action of this internal analgesic system. Activating your abilities to remove chronic pain without medication is not always possible for reasons not understood by the medical community.

However, its use is increasingly widespread and recommended. Either as an exclusive first-line therapy of action or as support therapy to enhance the results of allopathic medicines or drugs prescribed by the treating physician.

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