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It's boring. The combat is dull. It's not fun clicking on a goblin, then waiting two minutes to OSRS gold see it die. EoC will make this more fluid and lively, but still allow minimal interaction if you want with the ability to accelerate. Bots are all over the place. A little improved… The game is extremely grindy. For an MMO.

This is one of the most frustrating things. The amount of time required to learn skills, as well as the inability to utilize them once they have been trained, unless you are playing quests. Let's discuss two MMOs currently that are well-crafted: Star Wars The Old Republic 2and Guild Wars 2. You can find out that max SWTOR character is approximately 150 hours. A Guild Wars 2 character could be maxed in just 36 hours. No exploits.

What is the time frame for Runescape to reach its maximum combat stats? Summoning and Prayer are expensive and require large cash infusions. We should forget about magic, because maxing other skills will make up for the difference. Let's also discount Constitution as it is a skill that can be learned automatically.

If we take a approximate estimate, we can give an impressive 150k xp/hour across all of the abilities. Each skill is worth 13500kxp. This is 13,500,000. This is 90 hours of improvement in a single combat skill to 99. The five skills Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, and Ranged can be combined to provide you with 450 hours of'maxing' your character.

This is an insanely long period of time which is the reason for the low number of older players. They simply don't have time to play or an agenda full of commitments. Players of popular MMOs are more productive. Runescape is so hard to master due to buy RuneScape gold a variety of reasons.


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