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What are IPE Beams

An IPE beam is a structural steel section with a typical ‘I' or ‘H' shape. Sections such as these are described as open profiles because they consist of parallel surface flanges connected by a central element known as a web, unlike solid or hollow rectangular sections. This configuration gives IPE beams excellent resistance to compressive and flexural stresses, as well as to tensile stresses in the longitudinal direction.

The only steel profiles that outperform IPE beams in terms of rotational performance are hollow structural sections (HSS), which are expensive and difficult to connect to other profiles. An IPE beam, also known as an I-beam or universal beam, is a structural steel member with an “I” or “H” shaped cross-section. It is widely used in construction and engineering applications to provide support and structural integrity to buildings, bridges and other structures.

How are IPE Beams Made

One advantage of using stainless steel grades to make IPE beams is the high structural flexibility of the stainless group. This means manufacturers have a number of fabrication methods available to shrink IPE beams, including extrusion, hot-rolling or welding from individual components. Some metallurgists make the distinction that H-beams are welded together while I-beams are engineered from a single steel workpiece. However, this difference is largely meaningful. The term “IPE” stands for “Institut de la Propriété Industrielle” and refers to European standard I-beams, which are designated by their height and weight per meter. IPE beams conform to the European standard EN 10025, which specifies technical requirements for structural steel products.

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