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Today’s blog mainly introduces UI design to you .So, let’s first talk about UI design.

What is UI design?

UI design (or interface design) refers to the overall design of the software's human-computer interaction, operation logic, and beautiful interface. UI design is divided into physical UI and virtual UI. The commonly used UI design on the Internet is virtual UI, and UI is the abbreviation of User Interface.IDEOVERSITY programs offer an advanced ui and ux design course in Arfa Tower for opportunities for students to gain experience so that they can be more employable when they graduate.

A good UI design not only makes the software personal and tasteful, but also makes the operation of the software comfortable, simple and free, fully reflecting the positioning and characteristics of the software.IDEOVERSITY advanced ui design course in lahore designed to strengthen the artist's creative ability with skills such as drawing to become ui and ux expert.


2. What needs to be learned in UI design

1. Understanding

The product “appearance” design of graphic design/interface design

Software products require the ability to: understand products, understand UE, understand user experience, understand data, basically just give a requirement Implement all design drafts for development.IDEOVERSITY offers ui/ux designer beginer course in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

2. Interaction design

Mainly lies in the design of software operation process, tree structure, operation specification, etc. What a software product needs to do before coding is interaction design, and establish interaction model and interaction specification.

IDEOVERSITY short courses in arfa karim tower will teach you to use this industry-leading  advanced ui design course as a creative professional. 

3. User testing/research

The goal of this “test” is to test whether the interaction design is reasonable and whether the graphic design is beautiful. The method is a questionnaire survey of target users. Through the user survey results, the UI design and the prospect of the product are analyzed. User testing is very important, because just the ideas and methods of designers or project managers are very subjective and one-sided, which is not conducive to the overall development of the design!

IDEOVERSITY short courses in arfa karim tower has been one of the finest institutions that are offering the advanced ui/ux design course in arfa tower and technology related courses in Lahore.


The abilities that UI designers who are partial to operation need to have: creativity, planning, hand-painting, copywriting, English, proposal presentation, etc.IDEOVERSITY ui/ux design course in arfa tower has a strong focus on workflow and we will use real world, practical projects and show you the professional techniques and shortcuts which will save you hours creating ux design,web design and ui figma.

5. The development prospect of UI design

UI, the user interface design industry, has just emerged in the global software industry. Secondly, many large IT companies at home and abroad (such as Google,Baidu, Tencent, Yahoo, China Mobile, Nokia, Lenovo, NetEase, Microsoft, Shanda, etc.) have established professional UI design departments, but professional talents are scarce and human resources are scarce. Competition is fierce. IDEOVERSITY makes sure that more and more people can benefit from the ui and ux design course. Do enrol yourself, if you think you can benefit from it. 


The job market is in short supply. Nowadays, the domestic UI design is developing day by day, and some high-level first-line designers and UI design exchange organizations have begun to emerge with specialized occupational divisions. But in general, in this area, the gap between us and the developed Western countries is still obvious. Unlike material products, the software field has limitations in craftsmanship and materials, and the core problem lies in people. Therefore, improving the personal ability of software UI designers and truly improving the humanization of software products has become the top priority of UI development in Pakistan.


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