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What is use of LPDA antenna? Advantage and Disadvantage

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The Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA) Antenna or the Low Power Differential Amplifier Array (LPDA) are both arrays based on radio frequency (RF) spectrum that are used to transmit signals, making them some of the most popular forms of RF communications devices. They are capable of being used as antennas for both transmitting and receiving the same signal which can also be used by other means of transmission such as satellite dishes or other types of communication devices.

In this article we will discuss the concepts associated with the above named arrays and how they can be used in different applications and network configurations. We will provide an overview of these different types and explain the process involved in designing each one of them in detail.

The primary advantages of using a LPDDA array over a single set of dipoles include that the bandwidth and overall range of the array is larger. Also, the size of a single set of dipoles is reduced by using more dipoles. Another advantage of using a LPDDA array over a single set of dipoles is that the noise level is lower. This is because in a multiple set of dipoles system, the signal emitted by multiple dipoles in any given period is combined before it is sent to various receivers. This process reduces the noise levels and the amount of interference received, thus allowing the system to operate properly.

The primary disadvantage of using a LPDDA array compared to a regular array is that the complexity of the antenna is higher since more and more components are required. Another disadvantage of using a LPDDA array over a regular array is the fact that a large ground footprint is required making it unsuitable for use in certain areas and countries. Therefore, all the major manufacturers have developed their own version of a LPDDA antenna. Although all of the models are very similar, a good illustration of them is by checking out what has been made by the companies listed below.



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