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What Is Video On Demand & How VOD Works?

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What VOD is?

Video on Demand is an interactive technology that delivers video-based content such as movies and TV shows. VOD essentially allows individual viewers to watch a video from a content library for immediate viewing on their TV, personal computer, mobile phone, or any other device.

The VOD service is provided by a cable, telephone, or broadband provider and allows viewers to pause, play, rewind, or fast forward the video as desired.

Why VOD is Important

The significance of video on demand informs you when your favourite movies and TV shows can be watched at your leisure rather than pre-scheduled viewings that are decided earlier by traditional TV providers in both cases of cable and satellite. Assume you have a DVR from your service provider that allows you to record and playback any TV show, series, or programme such as sports, movies, and so on. Surely, the fact cannot be ignored if any movie at any time and date can be broadcasted for leisure viewing.

How Does VOD Work?

To deliver a video on demand, it must first be converted into digital format and stored on a video server. The video is then compressed and sent to the viewer via broadband or cable.

When the video arrives at its destination, it is decoded and decompressed by a set-top box before being stored on a video server in the viewer's device. The viewer can then instantly watch the video while controlling its speed and other (play, stop) features.

Source: What is VOD

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