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What is WebRTC?
The “WebRTC” (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open-source protocol that allows real-time communication and data sharing between different browsers and devices. It allows sharing of voice, video, and data over the web. It is a protocol that sets two-way communication between two browsers in real-time.

WebRTC is an amazing specification that sets communication without the need of setting up any external installation or plug-ins. With negligible latency, webRTC stimulates exchanging of data from two different sources. This open-source protocol is majorly supported by all browsers.

WebRTC enabled remote peer-to-peer connection by voice and video chats make corporate and cultural functioning simpler being distant too. It has been one of the most important tools for communication and data sharing currently. Have you ever wondered how virtual interactions function with the help of WebRTC? Let’s understand.

How does WebRTC work?
WebRTC works on three primary components to initiate a peer-to-peer interaction effectively. These components have independent and crucial roles to play in the webRTC specification.

A) Media Stream
Media Stream is an API that provides a way to access the camera and microphone of the device. It controls the multimedia activities of the device over the data consumed. The Media stream looks after the information of the device concerning capturing and rendering media. Ideally, it supports audio and video data streaming through the devices.

B) Peer Connection
WebRTC has all been developed to establish a peer-to-peer connection through the web. RTC peer connection has the primary objective of creating direct communication without the aid of any intermediary connection. Peers can even acquire or consume the media, specifically the audio and the video, and also produce it.

C) Data Channel
RTC data channel helps to create a bi-directional transfer of arbitrary data between peers. This works on SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol). To reduce congestion on the networks like UDP, a data channel is designed. It ensures reliable delivery of stream over the web.

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