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Do you wash your hair every day? Every other day? Rarely or never? What shampoo do you use? Do you condition it too, or just use the no-rinse option? How often do you blow dry it after washing it, and what kind of styling products do you use if any at all. All these questions have answers — and some surprising ones. Luckily for us, this article will teach us how to keep our locks healthy and voluminous with a simple weekly routine.

We’ve got everything covered for hair care routine here, whether your locks are long or short; curly or straight; dark or light; oily or dry. Whether you are in your teens or getting on to middle age, some things never change!

First Things First: What Shampoo Should I Use?

Shampoos typically contain a mixture of important things. The most important (and unfortunately the least understood) would be cleansers and surfactants. Be aware that these are different than detergents, which only emulsify dirt and oils, but do not remove them. Emulsifiers like lecithin in your shampoo are able to bind to the dirt and oils on your scalp and “hold” them in a state of suspension while they rinse away, allowing them to be washed down the drain instead of being left behind on the surface of your skin.

The other most important ingredient in a shampoo is actually the cleansers themselves. Shampoos are composed of surfactants (also known as emulsifiers) and surfactant-based compounds that help cleanse your hair and scalp. Complex molecules like these tend to have specific properties — some that remove dirt, others that moisturize or condition your hair.

Surfactants are critical ingredients in any shampoo because they help remove grease and grime from your hair, but they can do so much more than just get rid of dirt! They also have the ability to hydrate, strengthen, thicken and add body to your hair. They can make your hair more manageable, add luster and shine, add volume and much more.

What Kind of Shampoo Should I Use?

Certified Organic Shampoos: Organic shampoos use corn and other grains that are not treated with pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. They are not as effective in lubricating the hair as soap-based ones, but they can still be considered a very good option for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Organic shampoos use corn and other grains that are not treated with pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.

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