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What Kinds of Moet and Chandon are There?

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Most and Chandon, one of the most opulent champagne brands available worldwide, is champagne, France, and is owned by a group of businesses known as Louis Vuitton Not Hennessy. There are two main types of mixes; vintage blends and mind vintage blends. A 750ml bottle of Moet & Chandon can cost anywhere between 35000 and 80000 euros depending on the kind. Moet & Chandon champagne contains 12.5%/alcohol by volume in each 750 ml bottle. In this blog, learn about the various Moet and Chandon varieties. 


Moet & Chandon Imperial – It is the house's well-known champagne. It has pears, peaches, and apple blends. It stands out for its vivid fruitiness, graceful maturity, and alluring palette. It is the least expensive Mort imperial variety, costing 38000.


Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial– This Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is a dazzling, impulsive, and passionate expression of the brand. Gooseberries, raspberries, and wild strawberries are all mixed in. The price is roughly $46000.


Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial- This first champagne from Moet & Chandon was made specifically to be sipped over ice. It has mixtures of nectarine, guava, and mango. The price is roughly $54000.



Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2012- The Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage products symbolises the Moet and Chandon exceptional elucidation of the year. Blends of fresh almonds, hazelnuts, and risks are included in the 2012 version. It is the most expensive Moet & Chandon champagne, costing around $55000.  


Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage Rose 2012-  The blood orange, cherry and grapefruit flavours in the Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage Rose 2012 are excellent in terms of maturity, charisma, and complexity. The most expensive wine in the Moet & Chandon portfolio. It costs around $58000. .


The 2009 Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage features a combination of vanilla, grilled sesame, and grilled almond. The price is around 40,000.


The 2009 Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Rise features with the infusion of wild strawberries, raspberry, and rhubarb. The palate is warm, and the bouquet is exquisitely appetising. Also the cost of it will be $42000.


The New Moet & Chandon Nectar imperial cover is a fruity, powerful, and excellent for nightlife champagne. Wild strawberries, currants, and blackcurrant mixtures are present. The price is roughly $ 42000.


A delectable expression, Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose is defined by its vibrant fruitiness, graceful maturity, and seductive palate. Mirabelle, passion fruit, and pineapple blends are all present. Around $50000 is required.


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