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What Makes A Good Dental Implant?

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Are you suffering from tooth decay that is tearing away at your smile? Are you looking for a solution to eliminating the pain and receding gum line that comes with cavities? This article discusses all aspects of dental implants – the type (fixed or removable) of implant, what it means to have an implant instead of getting teeth removed, levels of security and treatment alternatives.

Types Of Dental Implants

Dental implants come in a few different types, each with its benefits. Here's a look at the main types of dental implants and what sets them apart.


Screw Implant is amongst the most common types of dental implants. This implant is made from a metal alloy that screws into the bone in the jawbone. The screw provides stability and resists wear and tear from chewing and grinding teeth over time. In addition, because they're screws, they can be removed easily if you need to have surgery on your mouth or face.



What Makes A Good Dental Implant? What Makes A Good Dental Implant?


On the other hand, fixed prosthetic dentures (FPDs) are moulds of your upper teeth manufactured to your exact bite and facial features. The prosthetic is fixed by special glue or screws, so it needs to be replaced only every few years as natural tooth replacement wear takes place. FPDs offer excellent stability and function, but they can be more challenging to take care of than screw implants because they tend to be more sensitive to water, coffee, tea and food residue.


Why Are Implants Important?



Implants are inevitably an excellent option for people who need long-term dental support. This is because they offer a permanent solution that won't require regular adjustments or removal. Here are some reasons why implants are the best choice for dental care:


  • Stable: Implants remain in place, unlike removable prosthetics or bridges, even when the surrounding teeth move.
  • Durable: Implants can last several years, if not decades, without needing replacement.
  • Comfortable: Implants typically don't require extensive installation of dental work and are often fine-tuned to your teeth and mouth.
  • Affordable: Implants are generally cheaper than other types of dental care.
  • Reversible: If you decide later that you no longer want implants, you can easily have them removed without any damage to the teeth or surrounding tissue.

What Is Involved In The Implant Procedure?


Implants are a dental treatment that can provide a long-term solution for the restoration and rebuilding of teeth. Several factors go into choosing an implant, including the type of implant, the placement, and the patient's oral health. 


Types of Implant:


There are three common types of implants: cobalt-chromium, titanium, and alloys. Cobalt chromium implants cost more initially but last longer than titanium implants. Alloys are a middle ground between the two. They are durable and affordable but may require fewer replacement surgeries than titanium or cobalt chromium implants. 



Implants should be placed where they will have the most effect and the lowest chance of rejection. The jawbone may need to be rebuilt around the implant if it is not placed correctly. 


Oral Health:

If your teeth are in bad condition due to decay or other dental problems, your implant will also be in bad condition. For your implant to last, it must be installed in a healthy jawbone with minimal decay.


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