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What makes an MBA better than PGDM?

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There is a huge variety of career sectors available in today's society, and there are a lot of educated people to compete in those careers. Finding the best postgraduate educational program might be difficult given the wide range of postgraduate opportunities available. Learn MBA from the best MBA colleges in Bangalore.

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The MBA is a recognized degree worldwide, and MBA students are welcomed in both the public and private sectors. Although the MBA program can be pricey, it can also be a very rewarding endeavor with excellent job potential. One of the most popular justifications for earning an MBA is that it can help individuals advance their jobs. An MBA can enhance the set of skills that will give applicants for management jobs or promotions in an organization a strong advantage.

Having an MBA can help students stay competitive in the job market for candidates who not only have the necessary abilities for the job but also have solid knowledge and the ability to make business judgments. The same fundamental business principles apply everywhere, governmental or private industries included. The MBA program essentially imparts a theoretical understanding of all management methods and approaches.

MBA degrees are awarded by universities connected to Bangalore. Even now, many organizations favor MBA students above PGDM graduates. The majority of MBA programs in India have UGC accreditation. The prestigious IIM programs at Calcutta are accredited by the Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), USA, and the Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK, making it the only Indian B-School with both of these international accreditations. However, many MBA programs also have prestigious international accreditations.

The fundamental explanation for this is that an MBA is a postgraduate degree that is accepted throughout the world. Graduates of MBA programs can readily find employment in both the public and private sectors across many countries. Since PGDMs cannot receive this kind of recognition, the opportunities for MBAs are greater in some industries.

Students who choose the MBA specialization will receive conceptual, theoretical, and hands-on instruction in a variety of business-related topics, including economics, operations marketing, fundamental accounting, corporate finance, etc.

Many domestic and foreign organizations consistently favor MBA candidates who possess the above managerial competencies. For PGDM students, this might not be accessible.

Reasons why an MBA is better than a PGDM

Better Career Possibilities

For graduates, an MBA course opens to a more varied and expansive profession. Data Science, human resource statistics, technology and information systems, economics, and finance are a few of the major topics studied in an MBA education. An MBA graduate with experience in all of these fields is qualified to pursue a career in a variety of fields, corporate sectors, and public sectors.

MBA graduates have a greater opportunity to grow intellectually and personally thanks to the penetration of many fundamental areas. Many banks in the public and commercial sectors favor MBA students over PGDM students since the MBA is recognized by institutions. In some economic areas, there is a greater need for MBA graduates, hence PGDM students may be able to seek positions in those sectors. When opposed to MBA students, there is less rivalry for PGDM students because many government agencies essentially only prefer MBA students.

Higher degrees in management are made possible by an MBA. An MBA is necessary to be even considered for open management positions, according to professional job sources. This demonstrates to the potential employer that the applicant has earned “certification” in the complex ideas involved in managing a firm.

Ideal for Networking

For MBA grads looking to network, a university or business school makes a terrific starting point. The list of persons one might encounter when enrolled in an MBA program includes recruiters, keynote speakers, traditional businesses, new entrepreneurs, and more. Even better interactions can be had with classmates who share the same aspirations for success in business.

Following the completion of their degree program, an MBA graduate almost changes completely. The various topics covered in an MBA program will improve the student's professionalism and survival skills, giving them a fresh perspective on life and the corporate world and enabling them to become excellent communicators and counselors. There is no doubt that earning an MBA will improve one's mental health and change one's entire perspective on life.

Although PGDM also provides these chances, MBA professionals have a larger knowledge base than PGDM students. More MBA graduates than PGDM grads are available. PGDM is very new, whereas MBA is an established and traditional degree.

MBA will help to learn about other functional areas and industries

Students who desire to change careers will find that an MBA can provide them with the precise information they may need for the new field. For instance, a recent engineering graduate can change functional areas by pursuing an MBA. This permits him or her to possess knowledge of both the functional fields, such as management and technology. Employers seek out applicants with these kinds of diverse skill sets.

Jumping from one functional area to another can be challenging for students interested in PGDM programs. As opposed to an MBA, which is general with specializations, a PGDM education is skill and specialization-focused. In terms of functional and job shifting, MBA graduates have a higher opportunity than PGDM students.

MBA degree has worldwide recognition

A fantastic option to relocate to another city or even another country is through an MBA program. Students can learn the lay of the land, locate businesses where they wish to work, and set up meetings with potential employers by simply relocating for one or two years. In fact, a lot of students base their decision to enroll in an MBA program on where they plan to live and work long after they graduate.

A graduate of an MBA program is certified in all recognized core areas, or at the very least in some of the most important managerial positions within an organization. The MBA is a widely recognizable degree on a global scale. Since it is quite compatible with other degree programs, it can be used to pursue different job fields.

When compared to PGDM, the MBA degree is more frequently recognized and acknowledged. Even now, there are some MNCs that prefer MBA students to PGDM students everywhere. When compared to PGDM students, MBA students have a higher chance of being accepted.

MBA is a universal master’s degree

With any undergraduate degree in hand, the MBA is the most often accepted master's degree. With an MBA course, anyone with any degree can enroll; this is not allowed with a PGDM program. For instance, a BA graduate can enroll in an MBA program but not a PGDM program. Since MBA is a globally recognized degree, recruiting firms only consider candidates with an MBA. Any degree is irrelevant to them; the only qualification that counts for hiring purposes is an MBA.

Financial support is better for MBA graduates

Shortly after completing their post-graduate studies, MBA graduates can launch their own companies and become entrepreneurs. However, on occasion, they can need bank financing to launch their businesses. For MBA graduates, obtaining loans from banks will be simpler. This is due to the banks' increased reliance on MBA graduates as a source of trust.

Although both PGDM and MBA graduates are capable of starting their own enterprises, MBA graduates will find it simpler to complete the financial requirements for loans from banks than PGDM graduates. When it comes to approving loans for entrepreneurship and venture capital, banks always give MBA graduates the first choice over PGDM graduates. This is due to the fact that the MBA degree is traditionally recognized and gives lenders the assurance that MBA graduates can return their debts because they have more career alternatives than PGDM students in various organizations because MBA enjoys superior recognition than PGDM.


An MBA is an evergreen degree that has retained its reputation since it first began. Although the PGDM program has a value of its own, the MBA program is here to stay and excel in some situations. When it comes to particular career sectors like government agencies, banks, financial organizations, etc., MBA students are more desired than PGDM students.

PGDM is a skill-based approach, whereas MBA is mostly a theoretically oriented course. Despite the fact that both are equally capable, the MBA always has an advantage over the PGDM. The trust factor is higher for MBA and the universities that offer them because they are offered by conventional universities. Also, Learn MBA from the Best MBA colleges in Bangalore.


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