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Have you heard about the Bombay Cats? In contrast with what you might be thinking, they are not cats originating from Bombay. They came from America. Nikki Horner developed the Bombay cats by breeding Burmese and American Shorthair cats. The appearance of a Bombay cat is similar to a miniature panther with a wild-looking aura. Despite having a seemingly wild look, Bombay cats are just like regular cats with everyday needs. Their wild look does not make them either more aggressive or more violent. A cat's attitude depends on how you raise her, not on the breed.  

American breeders started the project of producing Bombay cats in the 1950s. After some years, in the year 1965, the pioneer Bombay cat was born. Eventually, the breed was recognized by cat associations, specifically the Cat Fanciers' Association and the International Cat Association.  

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