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What makes good bulk jewelry suppliers?

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To find reliable bulk jewelry suppliers, the first step is to understand what makes them reliable. Here are some of features that great bulk jewelry suppliers have in common:

  • Price and quality

Generally speaking, a good bulk jewelry supplier will provide you with affordable and high-quality jewelry. You can try to contact several different suppliers and compare the quality of their products. Typically, the one with the lowest price of the same service will be the best choice. But the low prices also mean that you need to pay more attention to the quality. For example, you can evaluate the jewelry quality by asking for samples, buyer reviews, and understanding quality control measures.

  • MOQ

This is very important. You will find that some suppliers have a high MOQ. If you are not sure whether their products are in line with your business, it is safe to choose bulk jewelry suppliers with low or no MOQ. Especially when you are a start-up, be sure to ask your suppliers what the MOQ is. Ordering frequently and in a small amount is helpful to reduce your financial burden.

  • Return policy

If you are not satisfied with your jewelry, a good return policy can help you save a lot of money and unnecessary hassle. For example, a common return policy is a return within 7 days, but it’s usually for faulty jewelry. However, there are some good bulk jewelry suppliers, like Jewelrykg, that offer a 15-day return with no reason. Meanwhile, a good return policy can also show a supplier’s product quality and service attitude.

Buying from a wholesale jewelry manufacturer is most recommended. Since there is no middleman, you can buy high quality products at the lowest price. But the general wholesale jewelry manufacturers require large orders, it is easy to cause backlog. In addition, it can be difficult to find all the products you need in one jewelry manufacturer.

However, there are a few exceptions, like Jewelrykg, which we mentioned earlier. They have no MOQ with factory prices. Most importantly, you can buy wholesale jewelry by kilogram. This is a very innovative and cost-effective way to buy jewelry. You can choose a variety of styles, and then calculate the price by weight.

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