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What Makes Hendrick’s Gin So Popular?

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The best luxury gin in the whole world is Hendrick's gin. Hendrick's is a distilled spirit made from a secret recipe using 11 botanicals gathered from all around the globe. The Neptunia has an overall pleasant sweetness and citrus accent, with a light ethanol undertone and a touch of resinous juniper. Overall, we find this to be 

Charming and approachable but not really radical or ground-breaking. But if you enjoy gin, you'll find this one's floral flavours on the palate and aroma, fruitiness, smooth texture, and dry piney crescendo of flavour feel just as new and exciting today as they did when Hendrick's was first introduced more than 20 years ago.  The gin, which contains a total of 11 botanicals, is created to look like it contains the same components as two different gins. 


The Hendrick's Cabinet of Curiosity lineup, which includes spirits with weird names such as Flora Adora, Lunar, Orbium and presently in such conditions Neptunia that includes a novel spirit called Hendricks Hendrick's Neptunia. Lesley Gracie, their Master Distiller, formed Hendrick's Neptunia Gin. A limited edition Hendricks gin called Neptunia evikes the allure of the sea in a bottle. The powerful waves that pound the Ayrshire coast served as Ms. Lesley Gracie's inspiration,  and her product is just as refreshing. With a stunning crisp citrus finishing and an exceptional blend of locally sourced coastal botanicals. 


Sea kelp and coastal thyme are two more coastal botanicals added to Neptunia's well-known rose and cucumber foundation. Without a doubt, the botanical kelp is what steers this gin in a competent way. Presented in March 2022 as the most recent manifestation in Hendrick's Cabinet of Curiosities. In a limited edition in, Hendrick's Neptunia, the seas allure is captured. As revitalising as Ms. Lesley Gracie's inspiration,  the powerful waves lashing the Ayrshine coast, is her creation. With a wonderful crisp citrus finish and a finely balanced infusion of locally sourced coastal botanicals. 43.4% ABV.  


Cause for Hendrick Gin Expensive

Hendricks gin costs more than other premium gin because of the superior quality materials and production method that go into making it. Ten botanical ingredients, including Bulgarian rose, coriander, and juniper, are used in the distillation process to give the gin its distinct flavour and scent. 


Final Thoughts on Hendrick's Neptunia Limited Release Gin Scotland 

Thus Hendrick's is a fantastic brand for elite gin. By adding cucumber and raise to its botanical combination, the brand adds its own spin to classic gin, creating a light and fragrant beverage. Hendricks is excellent in fruit-based drinks like cucumber lemonade or gin and tonic. 



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