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Most commercial packaging boxes are known as tuck top boxes are made with cardboard material. This packaging has many advantages in the market. It looks very catchy and trendy and encloses the product with full protection. I have been seeing many products packed in this packaging to look retail friendly. That is why retail shops are always ready to take products on their shelves if they are designed and packaged in this style.  You may package uncountable products in this packaging. There are fragrance products, cosmetic products, candle products, bakery products, oil products, and many other products that are packable in this wondrous packaging.

printed tuck top boxes online

I would say whatever you are planning to enclose in this packaging would look great as a final product. I have seen many businesses flourishing in the market by using this type of packaging. But let’s talk about the diagram of this packaging so that you may understand it with more clarity.

Cardboard Tuck Top Boxes are Important to Understand! 

The tuck top packaging is made with different components. The most affordable packaging can be manufactured in the shape of cardboard boxes in tuck top style. The packaging design of this product is based on the flaps and panels. It has a bottom panel, top closing panel, back panel, front panel, two inside panels, and two side panels. Then it has a top tuck flap, two side tuck flaps, and four closing flaps. This product is available in rectangle shape, tower shape, and square shapes. It has a feature to get beautified since it’s a custom printed box. You can do printing on this packaging in CMYK, PMS, and Spot Color. Every business makes its packaging incredible by choosing CMYK. Every customer that appears in the retail stores loves to watch products packed in this tuck top style. This packaging becomes additionally beautiful by using effects like embossing, de-embossing, lamination in gloss/matte, foiling in gold and silver, spot AQ, spot UV, and many other things. 

What Type of Products Do You Need to Get in the Custom Printed Boxes?

The custom printed boxes are believed to be the best due to their versatility. There are limitless products from different categories that are packed in this packaging item. I am going to jot them down below. 

Here are the Most Prominent Categories That Induct:



The abovementioned products are opting for the custom boxes with logo. I have been watching these products doing well in the market. Therefore, the tilt towards this packaging is at a very high rate. 


There are too many small businesses making the best fragrances in the market. They all are trying to build a different style statement in the market. Every company sells perfume oils, perfumes for gents and ladies, and many other types of scents. Every product is designed as per the gender in the perfumes. If you may see the perfumes in the market then you must witness gentle colors for the gents such as blue, white, black, and many other colors in greyish tones. While on the other hand, red, pink, and many other countries. These are the colors that attract the customers as they give preference to the colors based on their gender. Hence, it is to attract them towards the perfumes by using the mentioned colors in the packaging. 


Customers of cosmetics are always puzzled by uncountable products in the stores. Therefore, it is very important to make a striking packaging that wins some customers in the market. Otherwise, your product will be missed out on by the customers. You need a good packaging partner to engage people with your products displayed in the cosmetic stores. There are so many packaging solutions that are trying their best to do as packaging partners like Blue Box Packaging. I have many other products to discuss here but for the moment I would like to sum it up here. I will share the further experience with you guys very soon! 


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