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AAC blocks are very lightweight building blocks made from the reaction of aluminum, lime, cement, and fly ash. Autoclaved aerated concrete has been in the market for over eighty years and has fantastic insulation and durability. The manufacturing process consists of hydrogen gas escaping from tiny cells that provide AAC with a solid cellular structure. A reliable manufacturer for AAC blocks in greater Noida. 

Materials in use

  • Cement- cement is a valuable substance in construction as it binds many materials together. The material is typically in powder form and hardens after it gains exposure to moisture. The best cement for AAC blocks is white and 1440 kilograms/meters2. The most reliable manufacturers for AAC block in Noida make sure the cement is OPC grade 53 and has a compressive strength of 53 MPa.
  • Fly ash- Fly ash is an industrial waste that can be reused to reduce construction costs. The density of every fly ash is from four hundred to eighteen hundred kilograms/meters2. This fantastic material provides thermal insulation and fire and sound resistance. This type of ash contains lime of class c, and ignition loss should not be more than six percent.
  • Sand- fine-aggregate is sand that consists of stones in a crushed form, with maximum particle size being 4.75mm. The silica content in this sand should also be above eighty percent.
  • Limestone- limestone comes from calcite aragonite by either crushing or directly purchasing a crushed content. The AAC factories have separate limestone crushing systems inside their factories to ease the process more. The lime powder in these grey specs of brown or white color. The purpose of including lime in this to make the binding process between materials stronger. It would aid if you always got seller for AAC blocks in greater Noida who makes use of high quality
  • Aluminum powder- Aluminum powder is a catalyst that helps expand the entire block. When a raw material reacts with aluminum, new air bubbles form due to calcium, aluminum, hydrogen, and water.
  • Gypsum-Gypsum is a prevalent mineral that works as an additive in autoclaved aerated concrete technology. Gypsum is an aggregate binder that acts with AL2O3 as a roman cement substitute. The element works better than harsh substances that come from scraping disappearing coal while burning. Gypsum is the valid activator in the mixture that multiplies the AAC volume four to five times than the expensive SLO2 that can work incredibly well with Gypsum as a filter. You can quickly get sellers for AAC block in Noida who make use of Gypsum.


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