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What method does Bed Bugs Heat Prof use to eliminate bed bugs?

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At bedugsheatpro.com, our method for Bed bug extermination in Moreno Valley is unique and is guaranteed to eliminate bedbug infestations in flats, hotels, and hostels.

We carry out a combined Pest control bedbugs in Moreno Valley technique in which chemical and biological methods are used.

Phase 1. Treatment of clothes in an industrial dryer:

Put all the clothes that we list here in plastic bags (for example, garbage bags):

– All bedding put on the bed and stored in cupboards): sheets, bedspreads, blankets, quilts, pillowcases, pillows, cushions, pajamas, stuffed animals, mattress covers, and covers.

– All clothing and fabric located on possible stretcher tables, closets, or nightstands that are close to the beds.

– The clothes that you may have inside the bed

– The covers and cushions of the sofas that you have at home.

– Put all these clothes in a dryer at a minimum of 60ºC for at least 30 minutes.

Do not wash the clothes as it would hinder the process. Dryer only. Treating the clothes with dry heat is very important because it will avoid damaging your clothes in the washing machine or damaging the washing machine itself.

Once the clothes have been removed from the dryer, they will be put in new bags (do not use the ones you used to put the clothes in) and closed by making a firm knot by hand. When you return home, deposit the bags in the kitchen or bathroom.

Phase 2. First treatment by Bed Bugs Heat Pro:

The technicians or Bedbug exterminator near me in Moreno Valley will arrive at your home at the agreed time and will speak with you to find out if you have followed the instructions provided to you by us.

Once the doubts have been resolved and the administrative process completed, they will ask you to leave the house. You will be able to return once a 12-hour security period has elapsed.

Phase 3. Second treatment by us:

The Bed bug heat treatment in Moreno Valley may take time to work on the entire bed bug infestation. Do not worry if you see specimens during the first days after the first visit. They will ship in no time.

There are people who stop noticing the presence of bedbugs from day one and others who have to be a little more patient. We will contact you in 5 -10 days to carry out a second reinforcement treatment.

The Bed bug exterminator in Moreno Valley will check that everything that was agreed to throw in the previous visit has been done correctly and, later, they will carry out a reinforcement treatment in the most conflictive points.


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