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During the last few decades, coronary and inflammatory diseases have become more and more prevalent. While there are many causes for that, changes in our diets and lifestyles have contributed to this evident increase, prompting doctors and nutrition experts to expand their research on superfoods that can provide the perfect combination of healthy nutrients.

Fortunately, research has shown that beet juice is a rich source of antioxidants and precursors for the production of vital amino acids the body needs to regulate blood circulation and inflammatory processes.

One of the most important elements of a healthy circulatory system is nitric oxide, a compound produced by many healthy cells in our body, especially the endothelium or our blood vessel inner lining. This naturally produced chemical regulates vascular tone. It provides our capillary vessels with enough flexibility to expand, increasing blood flow and reducing plaque growth and blood clotting. A healthy cardiovascular system produces a constant supply of nitric oxide.

However, unhealthy foods that contain high levels of cholesterol reduce nitric oxide production. There are other factors such as smoking, work stress, sedentarism and high blood pressure, that have a negative impact on nitric oxide production.

Low levels of nitric oxide reduce our body's capability of healing, and can cause other problems. For example, rigid arteries force our hearts to work harder than it should to distribute blood through our bodies. If this problem persists, the chances of developing a coronary disease increase.

The best way to make sure our bodies have a constant supply of this amino acid is with high-quality nitric oxide supplements that give our bodies the necessary precursors for it to boost production.

Nitric oxide is a gas molecule, so it cannot be used as an ingredient for supplements. However, supplements that contain high levels of nitrates, along with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, provide the body with enough raw materials to produce the vital compound.

Organic beet has proven to contain enough nitrates and antioxidants to be considered a superfood. Many complement their diets with beetroot juice just for its amazing properties. However, Raw Revelation´s Beet Plus nitric oxide supplement offers a unique blend of heirloom beets, salvia, turmeric and Velox, a performance blend of nitric oxide precursors.

Salvia has always been used to promote blood circulation. Traditionally, it has been used to improve memory and enhance alertness, while decreasing the effects of aging. Turmeric also has a long history of medical uses as blood purifier, increasing oxygen transfer from lungs to the bloodstream.

Velox is a patented high-performance formula that contains L-arginine and L-citrulline. The formula increases L-arginine plasma concentration, but also boosts its bioavailability, inhibiting its natural breakdown so the body can take full advantage of the amino acid. The effect is better blood circulation, heightened physical performance, decreased muscle soreness after strenuous physical activity, and even an observable boost in sex drive.

Take this delicious organic beet juice nitric oxide supplement one or two times a day, preferably on an empty stomach, for maximum absorption. If you want to make it part of your physical routine, shake one or two tablespoons of Beet Blend mixed with six or eight ounces of water 30 minutes before the workout.

We recommend Raw Revelation's nitric oxide supplement because it is full of organic ingredients and offers an incredible flavor for a tasty and wholesome morning shake or mix on the go in any beverage. It contains no additives or fillers, and it is entirely gluten and soy free with no refined sugar added. Raw Revelations is a family business committed to offering Non-GMO vegan products dedicated to enhancing our health and lifestyles. Visit their website and browse through their unique products today!

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