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Spending time with your little ones and bonding with them can be very fulfilling. Bathing is such an intimate and fun way to bond with your baby. Many babies love to play with water, but it is very crucial to be extra cautious and attentive during bathtime. It is very important to have a hassle-free bath and that your infant is comfortable whilst being secure and safe with ideal bath support.

Baby bath tubs seats are a great option for kids, newly transitioning to the regular bath tub. These infant bath tub seats give a safe spot in the bath, freeing your hands for scrubbing or washing.

Why is baby bath tub seat necessary?

Bathing an infant can be a tricky business, a wriggly baby, with soap and bubbles, can spell a disaster. Add your baby, into the mix and welcome a pretty stressful situation. Baby bath tubs are designed keeping your baby’s safety in mind. They make bathing of an infant a little bit easier. They can be cleaned easily by wiping them down with warm soapy water or wipe. For mothers recovering after delivery, a baby tub can be set on top of a kitchen counter for bathing time, they do not have to bend over the bath tub.

How to bathe an infant in a baby bath tub?

It is necessary to assemble your supplies like washcloths, baby soap, comb and towel before you bathe your baby. Fill the baby bath tub with few inches of warm water. After getting your little one into it, gently clean your baby’s face then wash their body with baby soap and warm water. After you are done, always cover their heads with baby towels while drying to avoid too much exposure. You can also trim your infant’s toenails or fingernails carefully while they are busy enjoying in the tub. Apply any baby massage oil or lotion gently on their delicate skin.

How long can a baby use a regular bath tub seats?

Most babies love spending their time while bathing in baby bath tubs- it is like a spa: soothing and warm, with bubbles, steam, and good odour. Even if they grow older, bathing time often remains their favourite activity. You kid can bathe in a regular bath tub when he/she is fully able to walk. Many parents wait until their child is potty-trained before bathing their child in a regular bath tub.

What to look for in a newborn baby bath tubs seats

Safety is the first thing that you should always look for. Make sure whether you are using the tub seat in a kitchen sink, or in the bathroom.

1). Inside and outside surface should be non-skid and non-movable when the baby is wiggling.

2). Smooth Rounded edges.

3). Portable, lightweight.

4) Easily cleanable.


They are a child’s best place for splashing, pouring and dumping water in the tub.

With this helpful information, you can find the right newborn baby bath tubs seats for your baby.


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