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The kitchen is a very busy and hot environment, and there is no doubt a lot of room for accidents to happen, such as burns from fire or steam or even hot oil, getting injured with a sharp object or even things falling on you.

To prevent such hazardous situations Chefs and other kitchen staff need to wear certain protective clothing. While usually the uniform itself provides great protection and is made to protect the wearer from such accidents, additional protection is essential in order to minimise these.

Aprons – Chef Aprons are one of the most essential items to wear in order to protect oneself from dangerous situations in the kitchen. A Chef Apron, also known as Bib Apron, covers the wearer from the upper torso up to the knees, and provides a double protection over the chef jacket or coat. It is not only kitchen staff but serving staff also need protection, and for them there are Server Aprons and Waist Aprons, which provide protection for the lower part of the body. These can be made either short or long, while Bistro Aprons are usually made long to protect the trousers and lower body of the server.

Shoes – Chefs need comfortable protective shoes, which usually have a steel toe that protects their feet from falling objects. These shoes also need to have anti-slip soles which provide a better grip and prevents slipping and falling, and should be a perfect fit for the wearer.

Gloves – Kitchen staff are required to wear gloves to protect their skin and hands from detergents and other such chemicals, during clean up. Even when washing dishes and plates, gloves are highly recommended in case there is a breakage which can cause cuts and injuries. Gloves are also essential if anyone is taking things out of the freezer, because they can prevent frostbite.


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