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Are you taking an interest in Vietnamese cuisine lately? Then you must have heard or tasted Pho in Victoria. But many don’t know the classic Pho they are interested in has many variations to it. So you won’t be surprised to learn that the restaurants and dining scenes in the international cuisine landscape will offer you a diverse array of Pho variations that will cater to different people’s tastebuds. With so many regional influences and creative twists, Pho has had an exciting transformation journey. So, let’s get to know the diverse variations of Viet’s culinary staple, Pho.

How did the Northern and Southern Pho come to be?

The classic Vietnamese Pho dish is known to have originated in Nam Dinh province in the late 1880s. Since it is around the time of French colonialism in Vietnam, it is depicted that the name “Pho” came from the French soup pot au feu. The northern Vietnamese employed cattle bits and bones in their meals, which had an impact on the dish.

With more Southern influence after 1954, it became the popular dish Pho Nam. The Pho in Victoria can also be availed with this Southern-style twist. Although the Southern style is not considered traditional Pho, the unique twist of adding local ingredients like pork and seafood sure meets the non-vegetarian food needs. Here are some Pho twists you can expect to find on the restaurant menus:

The non-vegetarian Pho tastes

One of the classic and known Pho tastes is the traditional ingredient inclusion of beef, which is known as Pho Bo. This is a heavy bowl option of Pho in Victoria that will include beef slices green veggies in beef broth with rice noodles. The soup is infused with herbs like cloves, anise and cinnamon. The lighter meat alternative for it is tender chicken slices. If you love seafood, you can order Pho with various seafoods like fish, squid, shrimp, etc.

Vegan-friendly Pho tastes

The Pho variants can also cater to vegetarians, which is mostly known as “Pho Chay.” This dish includes tofu, mushrooms, and other plant proteins. All these make a hearty and nutritious option for vegans.

Hanoi and Saigon style Pho variants

The Southern region of Vietnam offers Saigon-style Pho, which is slightly sweeter compared to Hanoi Pho from the Northern Viet region. Pho in Victoria can show you all these regional culinary nuances, including palm sugar in Saigon Pho broth and natural flavours and clear broth in Hanoi Pho. From light, mild, and sweet to heavy and hot, Pho dishes can vary on different flavour levels. So you can find many authentic Vietnamese restaurants that offer their culinary innovation by experimenting with Pho fusions. Hence, Pho is a culinary journey that goes beyond Vietnam with cultural influences in this healing soup. If you are looking for an authentic Pho dish, check out Pho Halong or tap on its delivery services.

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