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The upset stomach is shown for several reasons, however, there are several foods that you should eat when you have stomach pain, because they tend to worsen symptoms and they'll prevent you from performing your normal activities. This pain can range from feeling slightly dizzy to totally fatigued or a sharp burning. That is why we will name some of the foods to avoid when your stomach hurts so you can take your precautions.

Foods to Avoid When Your Stomach Hurts

The following foods are a small part of the foods that you should avoid, however, they are usually the main ones on people's daily menu.

Foods rich in sugars

Stomach pain is common after consuming too much sugar. Keeping eating sweet things after the pain will only make it worse. However, sugar-free foods like sugar-free chewing gums and candies should also be avoided. Sugary drinks can create gas and make stomach aches worse.


The dairy products are usually up to the most comfortable food, and are attractive when you feel bad, but very probably will not alleviate even can hurt you. It is recommended to avoid all dairy when you feel pain in the abdomen. If you are lactose intolerant, you will know what the severe pain that digesting dairy causes means. Take care of them because if you consume lactose even when you feel pain, it will make the situation worse.


When you have stomach pain, it is advisable to reduce the intake of high-fat foods such as fatty meats, ice cream and fried foods. Why do it? First, the pain may have been caused by your body's inability to properly digest the first fatty foods you've eaten. Second, fatty foods often activate chemical receptors that slow stomach emptying. This can cause additional swelling and pain.

The drinks

A specialist in the field mentions that chemicals such as citric acid and sodium benzoate, cause discomfort in the stomach by causing belching and inflammation. Therefore, you should avoid soft drinks and even some prepared juices, these in turn also contain caffeine.

Caffeinated foods

Eating foods with caffeine tend to irritate the stomach, cause diarrhea or make your digestion much slower. The main caffeinated foods are these:

  • Cappuccino
  • Coca Cola
  • Black tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Irish cream
  • Cup of coffee

The citrus

These citrus foods made up of fruits or vegetables, constantly generate gastric reflux, irritation and burning, therefore they should be avoided when suffering from stomach pain.


The foods that are usually prepared with this particular ingredient cause heartburn, burning and inflammation, especially in those people who are not used to consuming it.

Foods that you can eat

The pain that occurs in the abdomen causes colic and, in general, the force with which the pain is felt does not always indicate the severity of the disease suffered. If you want to reduce stomach pain, there are some foods that can decongest the abdominal area and treat those annoying colic that make you feel bad with natural remedies.

Are these:

  • Ginger: this herb works as an aid for digestion, because it acts as a reducer of fatigue and stomach pain due to gingerol, shogaol and galanolactone. The anti-inflammatory properties increase gastric juices, balancing them at their correct levels.
  • Figs: they have a high gelatinous content, which is a type of affordable fiber that helps fight constipation and regulates intestinal function.
  • Banana: this food is rich in carbohydrates, bananas are one of the foods with the highest content of vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid. It serves as a stimulant for digestion, serves as a protector for the digestive mucosa and serves as a reducer of stomach pain.
  • Chamomile: it is one of the most used herbs as it contains properties that help protect and repair the digestive pleura, all this is due to the fact that it has antiemic, caffeic and salicylic acid elements. Restrict stomach cramps.
  • The apple: this fruit in particular has a high content of fiber called pectin, which lowers cholesterol and deflates the stomach and intestines, thanks to its antacid property, which reduces the discomfort presented in the stomach.


The stomach pains are signs of temporary health problems. These can become a pervasive annoyance to the point that it makes it difficult for you to carry out your daily errands with ease. However, it is necessary to avoid foods that can worsen symptoms and stomach pain, and it is best to always consult a specialist to receive early attention.

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