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Being a teenager is the best phase in one's life; you have matured from being a child, but you are not an adult yet. Teenage girls go bonkers when it comes to clothes, as they want to look their best. Clothes add charm to your persona elevating confidence levels. 

Let's delve into the fashion trends for fall-winter of 2021 that would sway 14-year-olds off their feet.

Layering is the key

A multilayer outfit adds oomph while offering immense comfort. For protection against chill, wearing outerwear like cardigans, jackets and, overcoats gives a blend of the sweet and stylish look that young gals adore. The best part is that you can remove them whenever you don't feel the need and, they are the best bet to avoid being overdressed. Among the several boutiques online, we have a range of classy outerwear that can help dress up or down. Check out our Uptown flair vest leopard or Aspen Adventures Jacket Pink that would be perfect for the peppy young lot.

A size up

The latest trend that has become an instant hit is wearing oversized apparel. It is perfect for hiding all the flaws in your body shape while looking sassy. Something that suits all body sizes, an oversized top or bottom works wonders in adding oodles of glam to even a simple looking outfit.

Its denim all the way

A teenager's wardrobe is unimaginable without denim. They are the most versatile piece of clothing that you can wear for any event, whether it is the school or a football match. Pair it up with any other apparel and, you are all set to barge from home. Denim jackets, rompers, or shorts; pick any from our superior women's clothing boutique to look sizzling hot.

Knitwear is kicking

A trendy option is to wear sexy knitwear tops or pullover. They can make the fashionistas look chic with minimal effort. And the best part is that they are warm, so you will not freeze if you wear knitwear outfits.

Bright colors appeal the most to the young at heart. We give you some insight into the hues and shades that girls must shop for from trendy online boutiques:

Pastel shades

Pink, blue, yellow, and green pastel shades impart a unique aura of sophistication. Although the young lot may want to go for the bright shades of red and blue, we recommend a few basic outfits in these colors to make the young ladies look beautiful and slim.

Neutral Shades

Monochromatic shades like white, grey, and black are quintessential to any wardrobe as they gel well with any piece of clothing. Besides these shades, we recommend trying emerald, mustard, and burgundy that are the colors for this season.

Metallic Shades

Teenagers like to flaunt their outfits; metallic shades would let them dazzle wherever they go. Choose a jacket, skirt, or bag in shades of gold, silver, or bronze, and babe you are ready to rock.

Pleasing Prints

We are flooded with numerous options for printed outfits. From subtle to jazzy, pick up printed apparel from our clothing boutique to make an everlasting impression. Geometric patterns, flowers, stripes, polka dots, or animal prints; all work whether you want to wear them to the beach or a casual outing.

Now that we know the latest trend of this season, let's check the essentials that every teenage girl wardrobe must-have:

1) Classic straight cut and bone look denim in any shade of blue is the fashion choice.

2) Pants or trousers to wear on special occasions, is something your wardrobe needs.

3) Colourful and bright skirts that fit perfectly should be on the shopping list. You can wear leggings or sweaters so that you stay warm and comfortable in the chilly season.

4) Dresses in sneakers look elegant and immensely stunning on the young beauties.

5) Girls would grab tees as they are super comfy. Besides a white and black tee, you can select any other variant of t-shirts according to your choice.

6) Loose-fitting blouses in fancy materials and laces in bright or, pastel shades look super cool on the young damsels. A white blouse is the most popular choice when you want to look fresh and don't have any clue what to wear.

7) Bright pattern sweaters or sweatshirts, it can be a size up so that they can fall from one shoulder to wear with jeans or trousers. Cropped sweaters or sweatshirts with hoodies look sleek and elegant on a skirt. 

8) Leather jackets or jackets with fur inserts look sophisticated, giving you a high-class look.

9) High-heeled ankle or knee-length boots is the most versatile accessory that young gals ought to possess. Pair them up with any apparel and, it can change your entire look.

Final Words:

Having your unique style is pivotal while following the latest fashion trends. Teenage girls are dreamy and, we at Paisley Grace, the best online boutique, are here to fulfill all their desires. As parents, you can make your teenage girls happy by visiting our women's clothing boutique.

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