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Firstly, only choose a reputed vendor that is known to premium quality original tyres and one that offers a good guarantee policy! Secondly, when you’re browsing for motorcycle tyres in Sri Lanka or any other tire always keep in mind the conditions of the road. If you’re not sure how to make a decision on this, take the time to speak with the car manufacturers or check their recommendations as certain tyres don’t do well on different types of roads. For instance, opting for low profile tyres may not be the smartest choice on roads that are not smooth as they can cause a pretty harsh ride and you’re more susceptible to having a blowout. Instead of low profiles, opt for side walled tyres which absorb potholes better for a smoother ride and are less likely to be damaged.

A common mistake people make when buying motorcycle tyres in Sri Lanka is opting to purchase larger or smaller tyres than what has been recommended by the manufacturer. Definitely not a wise decision as the increased height can result in tyres rubbing against the fender which can then result in the shape of the contact patch changing – this can cause the vehicle to hydroplane when being driven over water.

Lastly, if you’re still having a hard time choosing the right three wheel tyres in Sri Lanka, just check the car manufacturers website – the professional engineers at these companies know exactly how to choose the best match of tyres for your specific vehicle – it takes into consideration important aspects such as fuel economy, comfort, as well as how the car handles.


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