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The practice of having wallboards and allocating wall space for them is becoming increasingly popular among contact centers. Based on how you use these wallboards, they can be a productivity-enhancing asset or a source of continuous stress.   

When used the right way, there is plenty to gain from them. For example, inbound sales services can use wallboards to track different stages of the customer's journey. This way agents can better deal with incoming customer queries. Similarly, these boards can serve as a perfect medium for sharing company news, individual and team KPIs, positive messages, and much more.   

Check out how you can make the best use of wallboards in this blog:  

What are Wallboards?  

Wallboard is a display screen used at contact centers. Such screens have enough display of real estate to make everything visible regardless of the distance from the screen. Because of such a large size, companies often have to allocate a wall especially dedicated to the wallboard. As for what you can display on the wallboards, read the content ahead to see most things you need to know.  

Individual and Team KPIs  

Allocating space for individual and team KPIs on the wallboard is something you should do. The benefit of doing so is that your agents won’t lose sight of their goals which is a major plus. Also, the teams can be on the same page when working on a campaign. However, it is important to add relevant KPIs that motivate your team and not otherwise.   

The KPIs you can add on the wallboard include average holding time and first contact resolution. Because these two are applicable everywhere regardless of the nature of the campaign. Avoid adding KPIs that can create problems or hamper the quality of service. For example, call handling time can sometimes cause agents unnecessary stress when offering customer support.   

The mentioned team KPIs and how well different teams perform against them can give rise to healthy competition. Such healthy competition can boost the morale of team members and enhance team spirit. These two things can significantly boost a team member’s performance and help them achieve the KPIs. 

Company News and Updates  

A lot of problems happen only because of communication gaps. These gaps are significantly bigger when it comes to communication between departments. It can create problems, especially for customer service as they are at the forefront of customer interactions. So, leaving them in the dark is equivalent to asking for trouble. Therefore, if there are any events or updates in the company that your representatives should know about, display them on your wallboard.   

There are instances when customers can face a fluctuation in the service at SaaS businesses. Similarly, retail businesses with any problem in the supply chain can notify the sales team about the problem through the wallboards.    

If you are operating a network of contact centers in different geographical regions, sharing the same updates and news with every office via wallboards can benefit you. Another benefit of sharing company news with the team is that your customer service department won’t feel they are left out. So, do share your company’s achievements and accolades via wallboards.   

Notes and Training   

The training of call center agents is a process that goes on all year round. Instead of using a whiteboard to note important points, make use of the wallboard. You can make the points and educate your team more engagingly.   

Another way to utilize your wallboard is to use them for your presentations. You can use these wallboards in your meetings to present things more effectively. Your team progress reports and further plan of action can be more conveniently shared with the team through wallboards.  

Sports Updates  

When your call center agents are sports fans, they may not be as happy to come to the office on match days. Wallboards can help you with this problem to some extent as well. All you have to do is to use the wallboards to update the highlights and scores. By doing so, your team can stay updated on the latest sports action while interacting with the customers via inbound and outbound practices.   

Ask your contact center team about their sports preferences and make arrangements for the sports highlights. If the schedules of multiple sports are conflicting, you can run a poll to see what your majority of team members would like to be updated about with the wallboard.   

To wrap things up, wallboard is something worth investing in if you are planning to use it the right way. It can help you with communication, training, increasing, the team’s morale, and serving entertainment purposes.


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